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I am an 'aspiring writer'. I work with a couple of generally talented artists. They're nice.
We decided to try and work at the whole 'group therapy' thing. And thus a collaberative project began.
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X) I giggled. It's just. . .so ahem. :) heehee
yum pumpkin. . .humanoid creature. hmm, good with brown sugar!
also, yes I hope life quits souring your lemonade.
I also went to a church camp, though there were no sandwiches for breakfast. . . . . Now i must find a sandwich!
I appreciate it, you can't have zombies without the color of blood. It's part of the zombie charm. ;)
ooo, just started reading but I like it so far. yay characters with few morals. >)
<_< I think . . .whispering makes a conversation more interesting, because it's almost like a secret. >_>
yeah. . .well. . .i think he's ugly. but. . .I'm sure. . .he'll have what amounts to a great personality.
February 16th, 2010
Ohh Zodiac would rule.
Now introducing for a limited time only Locker Friends! Get yours before school starts. XP
does the doc like the man lovin?! XD
Attack of the unchained libido. I fear the day. XD
I like the purple smoke...that is wicked.
yay photography battle!!!!
I like the fifth panel...yeah.
Poor sheltered kid....I was there once. Then school corrupted me. >:)
heehee he was hiding because he forgot the gifts? pffthahahahaha...i know his pain. :P
Heehee, the thought I get when I read the ending panel is someone shouting "You can't handle the truth!"
gee, I so wish I had a opportunity to do that to some one.