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The name is Stella. STEEEELLLLLAAAA! Jk.
I am in love with DDR and even make my brother to start liking it. Lol.
Not much of an anime freak just got into it, cause of..well my lil bro. I am 18 and about to go to a graphic designing school. I like instant ramen and i'm sure i'll love it even more since i'm going to be living in dorms. D:
I might start a webcomic. See if it's better than my brothers. Lol.
Do I talk bout my bro too much? Sorry. He's just sooo cute. x3
Oh and here smy bros e-mail adress. DOn't tell him though. :0
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Aw, that's so cute. :0
I love his toes. <3
So faaaaving.