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I'm a dude who likes comics. I like reading them. And I love drawing them. But I'm lazy D:

Really really lazy.
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Haha, Skye refused until Maple syrup is mentioned! Funny filler Px
Oh, I love Elise's panicked expression in the first panel, and the Prince's smile in the last <3

Glad to see you updated!
Haha, awesomesauce an update! Another gorgeous page!
Your bodies look great to me, lol. I don't see anything wrong with them, considering the style of your's.

I think your writing is great so far, even with only five pages up. I've told you enough already, I'm sure, but can't wait for more!
Late comment, I know, but I think this my my favorite page thus far. I just love the splash of Simon, and the final panel of Elliot, lol.

Way to leave a cliff hanger though, haha...
I think Scorch is my new favorite comic character ever. She's just so insane and charming!

Great artwork, too. I can definitely see that you put immense time and care into this. The action sequences are especially outstanding. Also, I'm lovin' the creepy style of it all. The artwork reminds me a little of Time Burton's stuff.

Anyway.... faved, rated, and watched ya on DA. best comics I've read here, seriously.
Haha, I love that you updated. Fun fact! My birthday was yesterday, and I have an identical twin brother D: man, if only we were born a day later... =u=

working on... THE EBONY PRINCE!? I love you :'D
Thats the reason why he was in disguise!? lolol man... I love Jing's expression in the last panel.

First comment...
Annnnnnnnd now...
I'm caught up with this one D': Why must your comics be so addictingly fun!? WHY!?
Finally caught up D8 Sheesh, this comic of your's is so gewwwwwd. Can't wait for more...

Really great work, Fang. Everything's so nice and clean and shiney 8D