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Davey Do
I'm a geriatric psych nurse who works at Wrongway Regional Medical Center in Eiffel, Ill. and is getting ready to retire. I live with my wife, five chickens, two dogs, and one cat in rural Goofy which is just outside of Anomaly. I like to bicycle, workout, smoke natural tobacco cigarettes, drink strong coffee and dry red wine mixed together.

I've worked in the medical/psychiatric field for over 40 years and did a public art thing, street cartooning, murals, shows, etc. for several years back in the late 90's and early 'aughts.

I am content now to just sit in my art room, listen to the Bach Brandenburg Concertos on my phonograph, and do art.

Thank you. And now, back to our program.
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    Dave Douglas
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Idiotic questions aren't the only, albeit the most common, reason heads explode, Joe.

We use to inform the psych director the first thing Monday morning of incidents which happened during the weekend, just to watch her head explode.

Like watching fireworks on the 4th of July, we'd all stand back and say, "Oooooooooh!"
Yeah. Wow. BOOM.

Neat explosion!
I was associated the introduction to the movie "A Knight's Tale".

I submitted and was logged out before I realized it!
The guard didn't even ask for an ID.

As has been rhetorically asked, "What one would say they were when they were not?"
It's bad enough her calling him "Radish Head", she also says he's "little".

We guys hate being called "little".
Referring to "made her up", there is something called the Collective Unconscious". It refers to structures of the unconscious mind which are shared among beings of the same species. It is a term coined by Carl Jung.

The Turnip Princess may just be a trait you unconsciously share with another, artofjoe!
That is so cool, being into the aesthetics of the transitory- the process, downloading your art, and reworking it!

Too cool!
An intense moment. The visitor reveals himself...

"Prince Radish?"!

It got a chuckle out of me whether it was what you intended or not, artofjoe!
You're welcome, artofjoe.

I guess we're all attracted to styles that are similar to our own- you know- comfort and all that.

I truly enjoy doing spontaneous art and not concerning myself with being exact. Your art is like that- comfortable and spontaneous. And exceedingly entertaining.

I've only briefed through but plan to visit again and enjoy the show!
I like your style, ArtofJoe!
I visit old haunts while Jeeves softly plays the piano and I feel the pain of a lost love...
Doc hit and killed the deer on his way to work, did as much as he could for it by leaving a Get Well balloon, confessed to Nurse Nellie, and now Jeeves has to solve the crime.

Based on the Sidney Poitier classic, "They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!"
I wondered, "What would a valet never have been?"

"A rock star!"

Or, the King of Rock N Roll in his comeback special singing the closing song "If I can Dream"!
Another comic as a reply:

"It's quiet around here."

Yeah. TOO quiet."
People do keep a rabbit's foot for good luck, don't they?
If a little girl was playing nurse with the Resusci Baby as her doll, who would play the part of Resusci Baby's father?

Resusci Boy, that's who!
I came up with this comic some time back and just placed Jeeves in it to give him some exposure.
I may have stolen this concept from another comic, I don't remember.

One thing nurses regularly complain about is how some patients are constantly on the call light for minor reasons.

This is one solution to curb their call light use.

That's Jeeves as the nurse and my little brother as the patient.
A real life situation which occurred last January. I merely placed Jeeves in the place of the other nurse.