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Maybe the boat owner was one his "list." And by that, I mean Steve wrote it in...
I'm trying to remember. Does she know the sacrifice Steve made for her?
Joff? Are you having Steve make his plans on the "blue screen of death" on purpose? I love it!
Heh-heh. PUN-ters!
Joff, I just have to say that the coloring on panel 4 is absolutely amazing! It looks bright, I even find myself squinting my eyes, but it's not really any brighter than the other panels. That is wonderfully colored!
Heh, "darkest comic" - it's a pun in its own right!
3,7,9, not 7,3,9 . . .
Holy shmozy, Joff! He's right. Quick! Burn the servers!
So the secret to immortality is always keeping a six-pack about you?
Wait, this is a work of fiction?
Don't worry. We can take the pun-ishment!
When you said "Ugly Shirt", I expected Chaos to be involved...
Being an American, I know a cricket game when I see it, but that's about it. I do, however, have a few scars from baseball and American football! (No chickenwire, though)

And yes, I did play what we Yanks call soccer, but didn't really get injured there. Well, not physically, anyway...
I think I've died and gone to -
Oh, wait. Nevermind.
Heh. Steve could have said "Oh my boss" in the fifth panel.
A gopher and a damp sponge? He sounds like the MacGyver of the spirit world.
Somehow, the thought of Steve arriving to "tie all the loose ends up" is rather terrifying!