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February 22nd, 2011
The "Oh My <3" has to be Charm. I think she is the only character to talk in hearts XD
This page is so beautiful and adorable ^_^
September 14th, 2010
Benji and I have the same birthday :)
Also, love this page XD
Hahaha. He punched her! XD

That is so perfect
I think I have some idea what Haru's secret is...but I could be wrong.
If I like the rest of the story, I'll buy it :D Yay for having a job
This page makes my stomach do all sorts of flips
Wow. I did not see that coming.
I say it's the creepy brother.
I say you're a boy. Because I have never seen a girl draw a penis like that. Lol.

But does it really matter?
It looks fine...
But I miss Bo & AK *huggles*