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A "short description" of myself...

Alright, here we go!
I'm one of those "odd balls" in terms of... Something. The only two "advanced" classes I'm taking are art and chemistry.
Total odd ball material, right?
Well, I guess so. If... I weren't.... Working at a day care!! Hahaha... Not.. interesting. > >

Alright. Short description. Short description. I like to draw. And I listen to a lot of music. It's my drug.
I make up characters, but not really stories.
If I ever get over this horrible "meh, I don't feel like drawing stuff" phase, I might post little short comic things.
About my characters. I love them all very much, and am very serious when I say that they are my children....... On paper.

I must be bored... To have typed this much for a "short description"
And I kinda hope that people didn't really read it.... > >
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He.... He didn't bring back any souvenirs? D: