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My name is kimberly you can call me mimi for a reason i will not say i created this account cuz i forgot my password on my other account which is mimi-chan456 haha

well i LUV YAOI!

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this comic is my new fave i love these stories!
Omg this is made me ignore my tummyache for a few seconds ^_^
^-^ does not. U updated?! yur so fast! its awesome...u got superpowers? jk
aww lol ;p
Omg im such a comment sorry >_<
OMG ima save this >_<
Omg if they live together O-O the amazing things that could happen
lol kyoot
i like it when he says why so red..beautiful face! <3
lol i like to sng too
Love it! >_<
ONE QUESTION!! lol can tsu read minds??
awww lol these two are like me and my bf alott except im a girl ;p
lol adorable thats how i am with my lvr lol ^_^ he aways makes funn of me lol he calls me his kitten... ^_^
lol yur works so good ^_^ preety
lol its nnow my wallpaper
aww kyoot! lol are they dating like for realz for realz???
Oooo ima chek it out ^_^
Aww lucky! lol i wanna go to Kyoto...see the cherry blossoms