hm...let's see...i'll just say the basics...
i'm obsessed with...
1.) manga
2.) anime
3.) drawing
4.) fanfics
5.) sleeping

Men are like light bulbs. They both get turned on easily. ~quote from god knows where...o_O;;
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um...did you check the previous page? I drew an apology pic...

I'm REALLY sorry, but I just can't seem to be on top of my own schedule.
OMG! i'm so sorry for not dropping by lately! school's enslaving me! *cries* i'll see if i can enter one of your contests! n_n
^_^;; i had to rush this... it was at midnight when i posted this so...yeah. heh~
LOLZ! it's cute! :3

btw, i like ur avatar...NARUTO!!!! lolz
celina = clara now? ok, confuzzleness is over now. n_n ~i hope?
this is nice! it shows that you understand the way the limbs work. n_n only one issue for me...the girl's right breast should be a slightly higher than now, but can delete this comment if you're offended. n_n
Greek mythology? or was it a saying? i dunno, but i do know it was mentioned in the odyssey! n_n

it's like...modernized. w00t!
I really like this one! n_n i wish i could color like that...adobe?
n_n smoking is bad for your health! *snatches cigarette from him* sstoppitt! *gives him a straw* you can use this as a substitute! n_n

*looks up at Pvt_Joker7*

what stories? *smirk* LOLZ! jkjk

I like that stuff, but I didn't think it was yaoi or shonen-ai.

sure, one guy is hot while the other is cute. i noticed that. in addition, the thought of them being a couple isn't far off as a possibility. furthermore, your summary's ending statement kinda hinted several things...but that was after i read your comic up until now. ^_^;;

then again, i don't like assuming much anyway. i have that interest, but it doesn't mean i only read/watch that. in fact, i'm in love with lots of straight, action, horror, mystery, and even sport-based manga/anime. so there. n_n

i like your comic so far, please do continue!

i like it, too...but i just think it would be more pleasing to the eye if the colors of the two characters were changed...^_^;; the black is with the shade while the white iss almost directly at the light. i just think it would stand out more if they were reversed....but i dunno. perhaps this was what you were going for?
he's soooo cute! n_n hontouni kawaii! n_n much lurv <333
i thought he didn't like computers? guess he only uses them for surfing porn? lolz! jkjk~

didgits? that sounds like digits, no? lolz! the name reminds me of cyberchase...LOLZ! that crazy little bird...i'll alwayz remember him... :3

LOLZ! "can't you see i'm on a winning streak!?!?!?" LOLZ!

"Yeah...That was my sister." LOLZ!
this was done with the tablet. ^_^;; tell me how it turned out.

I was busier than I had I didn't think that I would be able to make a new page. So I posted this already-drawn pic instead. GOMEN! HONTOU NI GOMENASAI!!!!!! ><;;

I will try to post the 4th page asap!

*runs to the corner to cry some more* GOMEN, MINNA!!!!!
^_^;; oh dear. I wasn't planning on continuing since no seemed to care for it anymore. but I suppose I will. It will be updated by december 2nd.

arigato, minna!
holy shiznatch....o_O;;...

erm....I didn't know that you were going to read this. At the time, I even forgot about Tom...I just think Thomas is a good name...but then realized it was too formal and yeah. But so what? He wasn't based off of tom. Secondly, I love the name's awesome! n_n I used Holodny cuz it's Russian. w00t! so yeah.
cute! n_n
LOLZ! these are great.