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I'm a self taught artist from southern OK who loves the yuri manga/webcomic genre. I work full-time at a warehouse so I'm usually pretty busy, therefore not much time for editing and such. I like death metal, classic rock, coffee and working out. I dislike being in tight spaces, being dead-named and country/modern rap & pop music. I was a former uploader to this site (I'm the one who made that GL one-shot Red River Reaper) but ended up cancelling it due to a death in the family. Now that I've taken some time to cope and work on myself, I'm back for sure. I'm ready to get things rolling with my new comic ITF that I've written, edited and illustrated myself.
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    Lars Massey
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Apologies in advance for the poor editing. Been stuck with a laptop trackpad for quite some time now. Will buy a proper mouse in the near future.
First paage, alriiiighhht~