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I play the piano and a bit of guitar.
I LOVE bagels =3
I hate sweet pickels >=(
I love to draw manga (Still experimenting a wee bit >.^

And if you couldn't already tell, I love using emotes XD
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omigawsh I luv that game! It makes me happy to know that square enix is making good games other than final fantasy. ^~^
Omigosh, I feel so special! You updated just in time for my birthday! ^~^

Well technically it's my character's b-day, but mine's in a couple days! =D
September 25th, 2008
I don't see what panel's supposed to look terrible. I like them all! <=(

And I'm not just being nice. I think this page is ~/fantabulistic!/~ =3
0-o I wonder what the rest of the joke was?
I think My favorite character is the log guy! xD
oh... I forgot, too xD
Yeah, like Red from the pokemon games X3
lol, freelancer picture XD
Yeah... you should still work on freelancers: it was funny ^~^

Not that this one isn't cool! Keep going!
oh yes yes yesh!!!!!! Another SD3 fan!!! ^~^
Inferior...beings...? It can't be... Author-san, I respect you greatly <(_ _)>
KOREN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? what's he doing here!?

Man, I thought I'd seen the last of him a long time ago...... =x=
wow: I guessed right! I'm sooooo SMRT.
Hey....... what happened to his hair? I thought it was brown now! Did he go super-seyan or something? Yeah, that's probably it. Am I right?
I'm sorry, but I have to ask: who is this 'kyo' you refer to? I mean, I use the username 'kyorina' all the time, so my nick-name on like, ten other sites is 'kyo' and I am just SO confused!

Sorry for rambling <(_ _)>
You know what? I think tanner looks better with brown hair!
Wait... what ever happened to the jacket with the green mushroom on it? <=(
I hate to be negative, but...
lol, wow.

but one thing... (this is just so you can improve) practice is spelled practiCe! Just... had to say that >x<
i can't beleive I missed Canada day! DDD= Oh well... happy fourth of july! Do you Canadians celebrate the fourth of july?
IS THAT WHAT'S-HER-FACE FROM THE -censored out spoiler-CLUB?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?