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July 9th, 2008
Oh, a new author, hello there! I'm also quite new around here, so...yeah, welcome! =D
Also, nice character!

Chase: Oh...hey there, kid. *pets Nori's head*
July 4th, 2008
New Hollo resident, and a New Author on the comic! Hello everyone! about him:

Name: Chase
Race: Human
Age: 23
Job: Freelancer
Personality: Easygoing, carefree.

Chase is a traveller. He constantly goes from place to place on his motorbike, searching for something or somewhere that can satisfy him completely. (he had his times of happiness and fun, but he always felt that something is missing)
To make sure he finds what he wants, he's made himself a freelancer, he does anything, and he really means ANYTHING, if it he thinks it can satisfy him, and, of course, for money. (can't be working for free, yes?) Because of his "job", he's prepared for anything. Under his jacket and on his pockets, he's got items for any situation.

He goes to Hollo, cause he heard of it on his travels, so he decides to check it out, since he wants to "try something different". He says it's fun to try new things.

(copy-pasted description from my post in the forum, with some corrections =P )