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that is all.
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Pretty cool.

you and your epic custom sprites
Keep the hat.

it's way better with it.

Its like your thing.

If you became a furfaggot you would no longer be cool ;_;


sean just told me you were female

I never fucking new that


my entire life is a lie

lolpanda, i thought the same thing.
Tech, it like IS the funniest.

also i think tech is the new bub the porcupine.

god that guy was fun.
I support whip X guilmon X yoshi freak!
ohgod my revamp sucks

I did that in like
november last year :\
tech i dont think you know very many spriters.

no offense to anyone.
Hey chris, good to see the comic is still going.

can you change the banner on your affiliate page to match the newer one on my comic?
I should so say that when my PE teacher asks why I didn't bring sport shoes.
baha, I love that first panel.
Her ears are longer than whips, and we all know that for bunnies ear length=penis size

she has a bigger penis that whip.
no JL
we need a new Bub the porcupine
"If i try to make it smaller it gets messed up and looks bad"

you did that with the background, though.

also, you could always find someone who would sprite Lucas into FRLG style.
hah, this comic is awesome.
"My Training Routine normally involves beating the Elite 4 twice a day."

you obviously have way too much spare time.
Since when does she have a Lucario?

or is her team changed in platinum?

-Just got platinum, and only up to 3 badges :\-