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rudy is about to be sister silenced
every normal human looking at me and my friends default dancing on 6th graders
shape shifter tree spirit
lord forgive me for what im bout to do...
yo i think im bout to steal dis mans bag
his other transformation was hotter
ahh just like my mother when i get a B-
why did i read it like batman
i cant help but think of kirby with a knife after seeing this
oh shiz
welp (we have all seen enough hentai to know were this is going)
i like the poster in the back....not a good time??
she looks like she could cut off my testicles in a heart beat and im not ready for that
tobi sister snapped
thats too far
sis that escalated quickly
well aint he thicccc
this is not my place to comment when it comes to river's boo-boo