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Cats. I love cats. And Pokemon. Also, I ship absolutely and shinx, or I atleast think they look ADORABLE together. Love the eeveelutions, but water types are my specialty. :3
I love that her brother kept their parents wedding rings. So sweet.
Hmmmmmmm tough one. I gotta say The Pokemon and Zelda franchises
This leafeon is just like, okayyyyyyy now let's show just enough to get people wonder what's gonna happen but let's leave a lot of questions to haunt them
It's okay pyro, I'm alone too but good friends fix most of the sadness
Demorph, amorphism, too many big words...
And still i can grasp the concept. New personal record
Ooooh see the future why don't you
Good luck with the homework scruffy
I wrote a poem.
Sick myu,
poor myu,
lying on the floor myu.
What to do with myu myu,
What can they do?
Yay! Another chapter, really appreciate the hard work you put into this comic. Keep it up!
Anyone else notice that flame got his freckles back?
Misty=grumpy cat confirmed.
Perhaps... Or it could be a demon leafy or something. Your theory seems more plausible though.
Da widdle punkin eevee is so adowable♥
The tiny bean should live up to it's species. Sneeze child. SNEEZE. Overwhelm us with the cuteness.
Why doesn't leafy fall asleep on flare 's fluffy mane?
Because flare falls asleep on her shoulder.
"Skin me alive... Is that a whole sneasle?"
Me: no actually it's a half a sneasle.
Haha. CHILL out. Get it? No? Okay then. Just me.
The baby eevees are soooooooooooo cute♥