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I like drawing...

And I am crazy. That's all you need to know. :P
April Fools (16 days late)
In truth, I could've had this up on 4/1, if I hadn't gotten lazy about writing in the text by hand on my tablet, or scanning the page in and using my laptop. I'm still storyboarding the next chapter... just not sure about where I want it to go. I've been somewhat productive, I finished fixing the pages that are up on this site, and got a home project done that TMM & I have ben working on for ages. Still not sure when the comic will be back. I have a family thing coming up, then work is likely to get busier. Personally, we've had a pretty rough winter (and I don't just mean the weather). Things are looking up, but spring isn't quite here yet.
I still like this page, for the most part. The bed railing is meant to evoke the railing on SoRe's roof. Since it's a dream sequence, the bed is also getting taller and out of reach. I hope that was clear.
That's the toilet in the 4th small frame. I didn't get a chance to provide much detail on it. It's a seatless toilet with just a tiny bit of water in it, and a tank that's in the walls. The sink is pedal operated, and there is no plug for the sink. Basically, it's so that none of the captives will try to drown themselves.
Harue is referring to this event (forgot to link it)
blaaaah I need to make another one at some point. So many mistakes...
Hmm. I think I'm leaving the bad tone job on the first panel, and the different font for now. It doesn't bother me too much.
Note: This was done for a fundraiser to help out a friend. The info sketch had some personal info, so I took it down. Keeping this sketch up, b/c Sandy's so cute. XD
And yes, that's the same foot she sprained in chapter 13.
Have a super embarrassed EB from the RP universe he's in, and "Cindersaur". The first thing I thought of when I heard that name, since I'm not terribly familiar with Transformers. This is a bit of an older sketch. I drew something which I was going to use as a gag, but it's not very entertaining. It's been a rough winter, and not just weather wise. I'm currently fixing old pages: broken links, big mistakes, etc. Lost some of my original files, so it's taking awhile.
I fixed the spacing on this page, too. Finally figured out that I need to Rasterize both the text AND and speech bubbles before scaling the pic down, otherwise things shift around and look a bit off.
The spacing of the text was bothering me, so I fixed it. I lost the original high-rez file with layers, so I had to retype and align everything again... I hope the quality of the pic itself is still ok.
There's a small inconsistency here with what Rob said way back in chapter one, that the alarm hadn't gone off. Just pretend that he meant that it hadn't gone off a second time to alert that the stranger was at the school. In truth, I wasn't thinking THAT far ahead in chapter one. XD
I reaaally messed up the proportions, especially the arms, didn't I? XD
I was supposed to fix the page that this links to long ago, and I finally did. Lethe's sister Athena has been tending to Lethe's hair ever since Lethe first dyed it. Athena looks so different every time she shows up, but she likes to change up her hair a lot.
In the last panel, if you look closely, Harue's trying to sneak away with her pot.
I'm not sure why this gag jumped to #103. Last chapter had a #101, but no #102... maybe I counted the Valentine's strip as one for some reason? I don't remember.
Note: While this is the only mouth to mouth kiss I've shown so far in the comic, there's actually no detail on the mouths themselves. I did that on purpose. It happens in shoujou manga sometimes too.
In case you don't recognize/remember them, shoujou Lethe's adopted brothers here are EB and Iro.

EB's the older dependable brother who takes care of everyone and the cooking/chores.
Iro's the adorable younger brother that everyone loves.
Rob, Kaze, and Kuuki all rent out different rooms in the house, of course. Naturally the common areas (kitchen, Japanese style bath, living room, etc) are shared.
Going through the archives, I had to adjust the levels on this one, it was too hard to read. I'm trying not to get too nipicky.

Hahaa. I remember when Photobucket wasn't a horrible service that wanted you to pay ridiculous amounts for everything.
Note: This animation was created using Flipnote, a basic animation software on 3DS. I have a newer version of the software now, but I haven't had the time to play with it much.