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I don't even remember if I put actual words in there or not before blacking them out. I think the first one's pretty obvious, though.
X3 Hooray for Irish curse word websites! Banjanxed is a really fun word, though.
Again, not completely done editing, but I wanted to get this up. Forgot to add just a hint of green to her nightgown... whoops.

Please ignore the variable width of the cell bars in proportion to Lethe, if it looks like she could walk right out. Just pretend there's other bars there at the moment or something.

I'm tired, if you couldn't tell. In a few weeks, I'll have a later shift at work, which is better for me.
Whew. I'm nearly done, haven't edited the background completely, but I figured I'd post what I have so far. I'll get the finished one up tomorrow, though the changes are small so I doubt anyone will notice. :3 Originally this page was going to be just the first three rows, but I need more room for the next page, so the cutoff point is a bit awkward.

It's been a crazy few weeks. Between leaving my old job and starting my new one, I've been doing long overdue house stuff. Not b/c I wanted to, but b/c I had to. I finally got a chance to have some fun on Sat, and I crashed yesterday. I think things will get better after training's done next month, but as of right now I don't have much time to work on the comic. We'll see how it goes.
Lethe is definitely hallucinating/dreaming right now, just to be clear. The first few drafts were extensive talks with actual female Kuuki, then Lethe dreaming, but I kept reiterating the same points over and over. Plus, the students don't know where she is yet. I think I had more to say about this page, but it's escaping me right now. Too tired. XD

I think the next page should be up next week, I have a bit of time off before I start a new job, but I also have a ton of stuff to get done.
Once again, I struggled with this and variations thereof. I wanted to illustrate Lethe starting to lose it due to stress/lack of sleep. The big panel was actually fun to draw, though this page needed a lot of editing. The colored speech bubbles are supposed to be her thoughts going into overdrive, overlapping each other. I get that a lot, when I think too fast/too much and have trouble nailing them down. I've never experienced much insomnia myself, I get nauseous if I stay up too late. I need my sleep!

It's been long enough since the last storyline update, right? Had a really bad week and a half, but on the plus side I might be getting a better job soon. More hours, but a steady schedule should make things easier. We'll see, I'm not in the clear yet!
I did this gag last week, I really should've posted it then, but I'm an idiot. I didn't even ink this one, just edited quick on the computer. It won't even last long, I should be done with the next storyline page tomorrow.

This flashback is to before Lethe cut her hair. I think I had Nappy mention somewhere before that he gets punished for his voyeurism (w/out going into detail), but I'm not sure.

Fi tends to deal out punishments depending on the severity of the transgression and if the party sincerely repents or not. The actual punishments are catered for the recipient, as well.

And apparently pissing Fianne too many times is a crime.
My internet connection's pretty spotty right now, so I'm going to try to upload this quick before it craps out again.
The pacing might be a bit fast. I worked a few drafts into this version here. Fi's accent is still slipping in and out, depending on how angry she is. Hope it's obvious who's talking. I figured out a better way to do the colored inner speech bubble thing on Manga Studio, but it's too much work to do with every single bubble. Lethe's head wasn't in the first panel originally, but then I realized I may need it to remind readers where she is in the room. So... I copied and pasted the back of her head from the previous page. XD It was too late to draw/color her in traditionally!
Forgot to fix some errant lines in the last panel! All done now.
Here we are in Fianne's office, which we haven't seen in quite some time. I toned down the wall color mainly so Lethe's natural hair color won't disappear in it. The page in which Rob told Lethe about this is here:

I messed up on this page a lot. Faces are off, perspective lines are wonky... Covered up some of it, left others open. The dialogue wasn't too bad this time, at least!
I feel a little sorry for Rivala. Is it just me, or is she taking it almost like a breakup?

Sorry these pages are taking so long lately. More things are being set in motion and I want to do it right, but I'm debating the exact order and details on what needs to happen.
Hope the text isn't too crowded, I should've given it a bit more room for Rivala's fantasy sequence. This page was harder to write/draw than it may seem. Emotionally, I was feeling Lethe's hopelessness and apathy. I need to rework the next few pages, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel for future events. Unless I end up changing my mind again. XD

Oh wait, there was the Xmas special where Deb pressed the button, but I'm not sure how canon that mini chapter is. XD
I don't think I ever determined how bad Lethe's eyesight is. Probably not terrible, she may need them mainly for things up close?

*smacks head against table* Ugh. First two weeks of no updates were my fault, I got too engrossed in Persona 5. Last week was family stuff, so I had no time to work on this page. Now the page has been sitting for so long, that it seems off/stupid now. Too late to turn back though. Full steam ahead!
Yep, that's Lethe, changing her hair up again. The cut's pretty much what she had a few months before she found the Fictional World, minus short bangs and the dye job. She still has just a tiny tint of red on the longest parts of her 'do. I'm not completely satisfied with the tone of her "dirty blond" hair, so there may be slight changes ahead on her exact shade. I also tried out a new marker color on Kuuki's hair, but messed up a little.

The general idea here is that she's cooped herself up mostly in her room, trying to figure everything out on her own. I imagine any attempts to get her out previously were politely turned down. Oh, and Fianne has access to emergency keys for all the rooms, it's just more fun to use an poleaxe instead.
Just felt like drawing something silly. We should be back to the main story next week.
Hope it's apparent that Fianne is talking for the last three word bubbles. I think the only reason I got this one done so quickly is that there were so few panels, and I didn't waffle too much on the dialogue. XD

I know what I want to do for the next chapter, but I have to iron out some details first. Might have a few gag strips/art in the meantime.
Ok, I need one more page to wrap this chapter up. More hinting at things here. I hope I didn't leave it so vague that you won't have any idea what's going on. I almost cut this page out, but I need it to set up things for later. Plus it was a great excuse to practice drawing more dynamic poses. It was pretty fun! In case it's not obvious, Blink had his cloak wrapped around his arm. What I'm not sure of is why Med-kun is lurking around Pearl's entrance late at night. Hoping to catch a cute schoolgirl wandering around, or setting up for the morning commute? Maybe both.
Put a lot of stuff in the background that may or may not become important later. We still haven't seen what Debrah's Big Red Button does. I'm not sure if we ever will. Sei would have eventually left Pearl at some point. I wasn't planning on it being so soon, but it fits in here nicely. Just one more page to this chapter, I think.