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hrnnnghh!! This is all too cute! Every time you update you make me want to star in my own period romance!
oh boy, guys! Things are happening!
THERE WE GO. Two page update since the last page was, more or less, a draft.
I've decided to just go with an ink wash for the comic with some pen work.

and yeah. I really gotta stop going on hiatus like that.
LET ME JUST SAY. i WILL be re-doing this page. I just REALLY wanted to get things rolling since i FINALLY have the momentum I needed to work on this comic.
i think...I want my own Rodney. XD
...ALMOST. I'm extremely sorry I havn't been keeping up with this! just a lot of things have come up. I'm almost done with summer classes, so, hopefully updates will ACTUALLY happen from now on.

also, I'm thinking of maybe switching mediums to something that will make it easier for me to produce more pages. Either ink wash or marker. I'm leaning towards ink wash just because I can still manage a watercolor-ish effect.
you have no idea how excited I was when I saw this was updated. I read all the other updates first so I could save the best for last, this! :D you do wonderful work! please keep it up! PLEASE!
(also, definitely have been meaning to do some fanart for this! in fact, i think I'll start right now! :D)
bahahahha! he is such a sass!!! "i choose logic. DEAL WITH IT." i need to keep that in my repertoire of phrases. XD
wahahaha! This page made me laugh so hard i just woke my room mate up. XD bwahahhahaa! gah, i need my own sanders. like, poket sized, or something. that would be so boss.
i'm still here!! don't worry! :D i love reading holle!
me too! i'm a huge fan of vampire weekend!!
it's good to see you back with a new project! i'm real excited to read it!
new people introduced!!

at the beginning of the semester, i wanted to rearrange my room and well, this is what happened. it wasn't til later that i found out that this was a form of showboating. XD
sorry for the 3 month hiatus....actually, it was longer wasn't it? ah well. anyways! i'm back! and i'm gonna try to update as often as possible. especially since a WHOLE LOT of crazy shit has happened since i last posted. Shit like ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, FOOD, AND CLUMSYNESS!!! oh, and the occasional dragon fight, of course. :) thanks for all you people who have stuck around. :D

riley has a webcomic. XD
"i know, right?"
XD whahahah!!!!
the moment he struck that pose, i instantly fell for him. XD
GAH!! i love it, secret santa!!!!!! thank you so much!! you got all their personalities down! this is so great! thank you!!

btw, this is officially my wallpaper right now. just so you know. :)
that dragon is so boss. XD
XD whahahahahhahaa!!!!!

btw, i love this movie. one of my favorite holiday movies. XD