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This is looking to be really interesting!
Definitely a fav xD
Happy Halloween!
Happy halloween guys!
Still haven't met the green hair-ed girl yet, but she's going to pop up soon xDD
@*Suki*: all will be revealed soon enough! xDD

I have a feeling I went way overboard on this page with all the stampy stuff .. but it was fun xDDD

And I just realised, I haven't shown you guys any coloured pictures at all! Maybe I'll get around to making one sometime soon xD
I love this ........................ o____o

Your style and the colours you use and everything ... it's amazing!
I love this xDD
About this chapter title, once I saw this awesome video on youtube about this cleric and this dk in Maplestory and they were totally OTP ... anyway in the opening credits the video was like OUR FIRST MET and I thought it was awesome and so now it's the chapter name AND YES I KNOW IT'S GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT, JUST SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE AWESOMENESS.
Sorry for the long wait!
Kira Kira is back xD~!
@minimouse95: I do everything on the computer and set my screentone layers to multiply in photoshop xD; That's basically it. I've gathered my screentones from all over the place ... try searching in google and deviantart. I hope that was of some help to you :)

And as a general message, I hope not many people thought that the 2nd filler was a continuation of the storyline!! xDDD; Sorry for making it so easy to muddle TuT;
I'm sorry there have been no updates for a while now, but I am almost done with exams, so updates should be coming within a month!

Thanks for keeping Haircut! on your favourites list and your continual support, everyone! xD
hi guys, sorry for the filler!
if you follow my other comic "Haircut!" you'll know of this already but I'm going to have to take a hiatus until early-ish November. If updates come they won't be regular, because I'm studying for my end of school exams and I don't have much spare time Dx

Thanks for all your support up until now, and please continue to support me despite my absence! <3
Thanks guys xDD
Hi guys, thanks for keeping up with Haircut!! Unfortunately I have to temporarily stop producing pages for this comic (as well as Kira Kira for those who follow that), since it's my final year in high school. The days of the final exams are drawing nearer every day, so don't expect any updates until early-ish November. I'm so sorry to everyone who's following the story (especially to those of you who've read the original version!! x'DD;;), but I want to try and do the best I can with my exams!

Thanks for your continuous support up to this point, everyone! <3
I have to keep reading <3
Quite a while ago Tsumasaki asked whether or not Jowy's dad was English.
My answer to that is ... I dunno 8D
Originally I intended him to look like a cross between the KFC man and Einstein xDD
thanks for all the support so far guys, means a lot to me! xD

Ummm dont worry, nothing nasty is gonna happen ... 8[_];;
OKAY GUYS, thanks for putting up with me - the real story starts from here 8D!

Also, it's not of my opinion that homosexuals should be sent to an island to be "fixed up", so please run along with this stupid storyline! xD