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17, Crazy leik woah, Harry Pottah fanatic. :D I'm a writer and a reader. Recently (just last year) I was turned on to the whole manga concept by Fruits Basket and have been stuck on the whole idea ever since. With a lot more practice at drawing (and you know, the whole development of a style and all) I'd like to make my own comics.
No no, Persephone. We run AWAY from power-hungry manwhores, not TO them. Silly. :3
BROTHER FIGHT!!! Zeus is such a mug ol' bastard... >:P

Haha, bizitch is a funny work, YukiFan... :D
noooo.... ;_;
awww... ^_^
Ooh, Poseidon. :D Very nice. I say we vote Zeus off the island! >.<
I bet if Hades ever smiled, half the world would drop dead. Well, at least the female population. ^^
EVIL PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE SO HAWT... curses... Nice, though. ^^;
LAWL, second panel. WHOOPSIE. Teh doggies need love too, Hades! <3
*huggle* Hurray, laughter in the underworld!
ahhaah.. *sob* So much love <3 <3 <3
Hug your Hades today!
AHHH.. *sob* LAWL, Hermes looks awesome in the second frame. xD
Poor Hades.... The truth hurts. ;.;
Yucky, yucky, yucky. I LIKE your Zeus as an explanation because it adds up with mythology, but he is a NASTY fool. Ew and yuck. xD