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...Just so you know, this isn't a romance comic.
The most common reason the cherry blossoms/sakura fall early is wind (and rain, but mostly wind). Thanks, Haru. Why don't you keep your allergies to yourself.
Well, that must explain why the past few years of hanami have been so cold.

(Thank you so much for the comments so far!!)
Haru is sensitive.
Out of respect for his brother, Haruka (春華) always tries to come in a little later than planned.
The slight difference is key.
FACT: Touya's name is written 冬也.
It's Touya. How could you forget?
It's been a while...
Wow. I haven't been on Smackjeeves for ages. If anyone remembers me I'll be surprised, but I used to post a comic called Overland (you can still read it) here about, hmm...6 years ago?? A lot has happened since then, but I've kept drawing comics and here I am. Back again. With a different comic, this time.

Enjoy the hijinks of the Tomiyama brothers, and the fortunate (??) girl who gets to spend her days with them.
H-hey...long time no see. 2 years about, huh?

Where to begin. Well, as you can see, I'm alive. I moved to Japan about 3 years ago, and my life kinda just went all over the place since then. I haven't abandoned Overland (or art in general), as much as it seems though! Actually, I've drawn a short comic for Overland 3 times in the past three years haha. The only thing is I haven't been posting them.

Why, you ask? Well, there's a number of reasons. Right before I left for Japan I lost my father to cancer, and was struggling emotionally for a while. I wanted to do something with my art, but I really wasn't in the position to do anything except Moving to Japan made matters more complicated. Suddenly I had a job and I was in a new situation--it didn't help that my job ended up being not-so-great. Eventually though, I found my sea legs and was drawing again, but not posting much in order to keep pressure off of myself and just...naturally let myself go. It helped a lot.

I just moved to the Tokyo area, and I'm about to enter a design school in Harajuku to up some of my technical skills with comics. I've been developing Overland's story and universe a lot over the past few years, and my goal for the moment is to explore the universe a bit more through short stories until I have a clearer idea of what I'm doing.

So what does that mean for this comic? I'm not sure. I like what I have here, but I've also changed it a lot (in terms of the story and in terms of my own art style) so I'm currently thinking of what to do. In any case, I may be posting the latest Overland short I did (about Ari and Viktor when they used to work together a while back)--this panel is from it. I was fairly rushed because I was doing it along with my current job, but I don't hate it, haha. The only issue is that it's in Japanese, so I'll need some time to translate it. Or I might be lazy and just put the translations in my comments. Would you be interested in reading it?

Also, if you're interested in my Overland and non-Overland related art, feel free to check out my tumblr at:
October 15th, 2010
...Yeah, I'm sorry. Life hit me hard. Problems with work, possibly QUITTING work (and when you're in Japan that's...a lot more complicated). For the meantime things have calmed down, but I've decided I'm ending my contract this year which leaves me with less than a year to figure what exactly I'm doing afterwards. ^^; Which is haven't heard much of me lately. I want to start Overland up again soon, but I don't know how soon that will be--I'm working on Overland related things! But "working" is the operative word, and as I'm not done yet (and am planning to either enter it into a contest/talk with publishers about it) I don't want to post it quite yet.

Well, in any case...enjoy this watercolor I did of Ari and I hope I'll post again soon, sigh.
I'm so sneaky, I know
...though I honestly was surprised that people actually got tricked! To be honest, I completely forgot about April Fools until the end of the day (since people don't really celebrate it in Japan), and was kicking myself for not drawing another April Fools pic when I just decided to do that out of a lack of ideas. But really, I wouldn't abandon Overland that easily (even if I am really slow with updating)! I love the characters and the story, so unfortunately, you have to suffer through my art for a lot longer. ;) Heehee.

Also, as an explanation for how weird this page is...I can't seem to get out of doujinshi mode when I'm drawing pages lately (probably since I'm working on a handful of side projects in Japanese), so I ended up drawing this like I was doing a Japanese comic without noticing (it was the same with the last page, but I flipped it in the end). I might give in and continue like this though, it's practice, at least...
Hey there!

As you've noticed, updates have been pretty slow lately. I don't have any excuses, but I'll just say that maintaining a job while doing this is no easy task, and it's gotten me thinking about many things, including my devotion to drawing this comic.

...Before you say anything, I'm not ending the comic! However, there will be some changes. I will no longer be drawing it. I realized that I haven't really been improving as an artist, and a lot of this is because I'm just...not into it as much anymore. So I will be looking for a new artist to draw Overland as I continue writing it. However, as someone else will be taking over the artistic duties, you might notice some character changes. We'll see.

I hope you're not too disappointed, but at least the comic isn't ending! Just...changing a bit.

...and if you believed any of this, be assured that I'm laughing at you from the other side of the world. Hey, it's still April 1st in Japan, ok? ;) The real update will be tomorrow--stay tuned!
Getting used to inking by hand again is pretty hard, sadly enough.
So some time has passed--but I do have a reasonable excuse! The entire time I was working on Overland! You see, I was actually drawing an Overland doujinshi to sell at a comic event in Tokyo. Before you ask, while it starred Viktor and Ari, it was not Viktor x Ari, ahaha.

In any case, I won't be selling it online, but I will post it here (after I finish translating it). Turns out a month was really not enough time to give myself to finish it, so it will take some time to clean up the comic and make it look (actually) presentable, but it is one thing to look forward to!

Unfortunately, I'm still wondering when I should post it. It takes place sometime before current events in Overland, so I wonder if I should wait a bit before posting...hmm. We shall see!
@rainysidewalks Well, I currently live in Japan so it's pretty easy to find tone...though I suppose it isn't that cheap. One is usually around 400 yen (a little over 4 dollars)? I had a lot of sheets lying around from when I tried to do it by hand years ago, so that's been helpful, haha.
LoverofPiggies - Actually, I've been meaning to clean out some of the archives because I realize that they're hard to get through--I've just been slow about it (as I've been with many other things pertaining to the comic). I'll try to get to it soon, though!
Wow, wow, wow. Faving this. Great job.
Told you I'd be back soon!
Yeah, I'm trying to make myself do everything by hand, and it's been definitely interesting. I'm not completely comfortable with doing it (as I'm sure you can see), but practice makes perfect, and it's surprisingly fun to do. Especially toning by hand--you should all try it some time!
I know, I know...'s been WAY too long. What can I say, having a job takes up a lot of time. But I finally got a scanner, and it looks like an update will be coming very soon (as in, within the week) barring no emergencies happen. Until then, you can enjoy this picture of our two main characters...with another dude who hasn't be introduced yet but will be soon! Trying my hand at doing everything analog (by hand)--including tones! It certainly is more interesting this way.

And don't mind the Japanese. This was partially done for another purpose, which is why it's not in English. (the dude in the middle is saying "Long time no see! Didya miss us?" while Ari is saying/thinking "Who the hell are you?")

See you soon!