Real Name: Robert Andrews
Age: 27
Gender: Male
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((a.k.a the Author-Doo))

Author of Kirby's Dream Adventure and Channel DDD News, both set in the same "Kirby-verse." Having played nearly all Kirby games in existence, I just had to use the pink puffball for a sprite comic. After all, he's just so squishy!

And by all means, feel free to visit my DeviantArt page. No, I don't generally post anything sprite related over there, but I do draw from time to time.

A big fan of Ultimate Yoshi's, Loverofpiggies', and Alexis_Royce's works. All very good comic authors, worthy or praise.

Also a big fan of sugar. Mmmmmmmmmmm....

Comic Update Schedule:
Kirby's Dream Adventures (New)- Daily
Kirby's Dream Adventures (Redo) - Saturday & Sunday (When not busy)
Channel DDD News - Monday through Friday

My Webcomics

Kirby's Dream Adventure
Last Update: Today Fans: 348 # Comics: 1512
Channel DDD News
Last Update: 3 Days Ago Fans: 118 # Comics: 300
Kirby's Spriters ResortSeeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 9 Months Ago Fans: 71 # Comics: 137

Recent Comments

Comment on Infiltration - Part 3 of Kirby Adventure
BattleStarX, 27 Nov 2014 05:04 pm
Looks like Kaaby's going to have to go back to repair the damage. She will not be amused.

And yay for evil overlord betrayals!
Comment on Black and White - Page 11 of Gloomverse
BattleStarX, 27 Nov 2014 07:39 am
Badassery has arrived. And it is badass.
Comment on Chapter 9 Page 7 of Mokepon
BattleStarX, 26 Nov 2014 05:49 pm
Fear the squirt. Fear it.
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.5 of Kirby's Dream Adventure
BattleStarX, Nov 26 2014 05:44 pm
Kirby Logic©.

<img src=" nt%20Quips/Quip-189_zps5fb9429f.png">

Oh, Pasci is going to be so fun when she finally makes her showing.
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.4 of Kirby's Dream Adventure
BattleStarX, Nov 26 2014 05:42 pm
Been a while since I gave my laptop such a heavy cleaning. Rather nice, and it's running so much nicer.

And yes, I am having a lot of fun with that TAC. I may have filled up two years of randomness with this one TAC.
Comment on Chapter 6 Page 8 of Sire
BattleStarX, 26 Nov 2014 04:52 pm
"Splash first, ask questions later."

Beach Rule #32
Comment on Infiltration - Part 2 of Kirby Adventure
BattleStarX, 25 Nov 2014 05:27 pm
Great meepity meep meep!
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.3 of Kirby's Dream Adventure
BattleStarX, Nov 25 2014 03:08 pm
No comics coming out tomorrow, my laptop is going through one HECK of a cleaning. Both physically and digitally. How the heck that much dust got in there remains a mystery to me.
Comment on Black and White - Page 7 of Gloomverse
BattleStarX, 25 Nov 2014 09:55 am
Heh, I know what that's like, Piggy, and I just do a sprite comic. Every now and then, the ideas just stop, and you wonder if it's ever worth it.

Keep goin' at your own pace, Piggy, we'll be here.
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.2 of Kirby's Dream Adventure
BattleStarX, Nov 24 2014 05:51 pm
@Waddle DeeDoo: I have plans involving the remakes. I'll tell you all about them...


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