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((a.k.a the Author-Doo))

Author of Kirby's Dream Adventure and Channel DDD News, both set in the same "Kirby-verse." Having played nearly all Kirby games in existence, I just had to use the pink puffball for a sprite comic. After all, he's just so squishy!

And by all means, feel free to visit my DeviantArt page. No, I don't generally post anything sprite related over there, but I do draw from time to time.

A big fan of Ultizeta's, Loverofpiggies', and Alexis_Royce's works. All very good comic authors, worthy or praise.

Also a big fan of sugar. Mmmmmmmmmmm....

Comic Update Schedule:
Kirby's Dream Adventures (New)- Daily
Kirby's Dream Adventures (Redo) - Whenever
Channel DDD News - Daily

Scheduled Days Off:
Weeks of AGDQ and SGDQ

Other Contacts:
Discord: JumboWheat01
3DS Friend Code: 1633-4212-2808
(Message me yours so we can actually add each other.)
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But kirbies don't wear pants, me...

Old Comics Updated: Warped Journey - Pt.17
Version 2!
Same thing as before, just made prettier.
I can actually walk really good in the dark. Probably my colorblindness giving me better night vision.
This time the last panel amuses me so. I like getting a chuckle out of my own work, makes me feel more attached to it.

Old Comic Updated: Warped Journey - Pt.16

So it was asked, rather rudely I might say, where the quips have been. Long story short, I felt like working more on my remakes, so I did. Since I alternated between them and the quips, naturally the quips have been put on hold. Will the quips come back this year? Who knows, I feel like working more on my remakes than a little 250x250 quickie panel of randomness. Will the quips come back at some point? Sure, I guess. Remember, I make no plans. NONE. This whole comic has been run completely by the seat of my pants.
Version 2!
Someone slap the sound guy! Oh, wait, that's me. *slap*
Don't question it, Karby, it'll break your brain faster than a Kexas punch to the noggin.
I find that first panel highly amusing, I won't lie.

Old Comic Updated: Warped Journey - Pt.15
Version 2!
I remember to invert the enemy this time, as all denizens of Mirror Land (save Mirror Kirby,) should be.
I feel the urge to replay Kirby64 again.

Old Comic Updated: Warped Journey - Pt.14
Version 2!
Spicy calamari replaced with a spicy whale.
It's amazing what happens when we cut away for a single page.
Now I feel the urge to watch the ol' Batman show with Adam West.
Time Stop!

Old Comic Updated: Warped Journey - Pt.13
Version 2!
If it ain't broke, just make it prettier.
I'm pretty sure nobody really cares about the interview that'll never really be seen. Let's get back to the shenanigans!
Poor Ribbon, I am traumatizing her so much.

Old Comic Updated: Warped Journey - Pt.12
Version 2!
The P.S.S.S. are totally spies.
Don't ask, just accept it.
Wait, that's normal Macho-san. How did he get in here?!

Old Comic Updated: Warped Journey - Pt.11