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((a.k.a the Author-Doo))

Author of Kirby's Dream Adventure and Channel DDD News, both set in the same "Kirby-verse." Having played nearly all Kirby games in existence, I just had to use the pink puffball for a sprite comic. After all, he's just so squishy!

And by all means, feel free to visit my DeviantArt page. No, I don't generally post anything sprite related over there, but I do draw from time to time.

A big fan of Ultizeta's, Loverofpiggies', and Alexis_Royce's works. All very good comic authors, worthy or praise.

Also a big fan of sugar. Mmmmmmmmmmm....

Comic Update Schedule:
Kirby's Dream Adventures (New)- Daily
Kirby's Dream Adventures (Redo) - Whenever
Channel DDD News - Daily

Scheduled Days Off:
Weeks of AGDQ and SGDQ

Other Contacts:
Discord: JumboWheat01
Xbox Live: JumboWheat01
PSN: JumboWheat01
3DS Friend Code: 1633-4212-2808
(Message me yours so we can actually add each other.)
  • Real Name
    Robert Andrews
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Did you hire Kaaby to install that?
Oh great, me, adding donuts into this whole mess. You've been dipping into the cursed sugar, haven't you?
It's always me's fault.

I may have went on a Minecraft binge while listening to this on constant repeat.

I regret nothing.
Karby does not approve of laser mouthing. He prefers a good ol' fashioned beat-down.
Yup, this castle's totally a write off now.
It's red vs. red...♫
And blue vs. blue...♫
They've done this enough by now to have a standard to go with.
If you haven't figured out the theme of this segment after this page, I pity you. You're still sane, you shouldn't be like that.
Explosions are always the right choice.

I may've been making a bunch of different characters on Final Fantasy XIV, seeing all the animations and what-not for different races. And I've pretty much narrowed it down to two characters I'm playing the most now, a plainsfolk lalafell with epic muttonchops and a wildwood elezen with an amazing beard.

I really need to get around to buying this game, it's been a great deal of fun.
Apparently the average person talks between 110 to 130 words per minute, while an auctioneer is between like 250 and 400.

And then there's Silent.
Clever, Ikbry. Clever.
Things never work for Chatty.
Why do you have vacuums when Kirby regularly hangs out there?
Well, that escalated.
The Squish Queen is pleased with your offering.

Old Comic Updated: Meet the K.A.S. - Pt.4
Version 2!
They have their proper accent now. This is a key change.
Fine, fine. No more caves.

For now.
Version 2!
Canon? Plot? Oh, past me, if only you knew...
Dun dun DUN!!!