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((a.k.a the Author-Doo))

Author of Kirby's Dream Adventure and Channel DDD News, both set in the same "Kirby-verse." Having played nearly all Kirby games in existence, I just had to use the pink puffball for a sprite comic. After all, he's just so squishy!

And by all means, feel free to visit my DeviantArt page. No, I don't generally post anything sprite related over there, but I do draw from time to time.

A big fan of Ultizeta's, Loverofpiggies', and Alexis_Royce's works. All very good comic authors, worthy or praise.

Also a big fan of sugar. Mmmmmmmmmmm....

Comic Update Schedule:
Kirby's Dream Adventures (New)- Daily
Kirby's Dream Adventures (Redo) - Whenever
Channel DDD News - Daily

Scheduled Days Off:
Weeks of AGDQ and SGDQ

Other Contacts:
Discord: JumboWheat01
Xbox Live: JumboWheat01
PSN: JumboWheat01
3DS Friend Code: 1633-4212-2808
(Message me yours so we can actually add each other.)
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Is Silent giving a pep talk, or just being silly?

Why not both?
Psychological warfare is the best kind of warfare.
I take talking to myself to a whole new level and turn it into an art form.
Guess they decided on a blimp flight all of a sudden.

And I told you to stop that, Chatty.
Water. A lot of water.

Water is really boring.
Chatty, no. The girls are having a peaceful walk. Don't mess it up.
Secrets? What are these secrets you speak of? We don't keep secrets around here.
Just where'd he get that from, and why is he riding it?
Cloud didn't really feel like a walk, but thought it would be rude to refuse in the end.
A better reaction than most would have, I'm sure.
We got some clouds in the forecast.
Now that my arm no longer feels like it's got dozens of sharp pointy things stabbing clean through it, let's get back to making my comic.

And remember, mustaches have power.
Why did I call you Chatty-Dee again?
Squish Count +1
Green continues to get zero respect.
You don't need to be an artist to realize or agree that people are jerks.

Because they are.
No comics tomorrow, family shindig went on a bit longer than expected.