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((a.k.a the Author-Doo))

Author of Kirby's Dream Adventure and Channel DDD News, both set in the same "Kirby-verse." Having played nearly all Kirby games in existence, I just had to use the pink puffball for a sprite comic. After all, he's just so squishy!

And by all means, feel free to visit my DeviantArt page. No, I don't generally post anything sprite related over there, but I do draw from time to time.

A big fan of Ultizeta's, Loverofpiggies', and Alexis_Royce's works. All very good comic authors, worthy or praise.

Also a big fan of sugar. Mmmmmmmmmmm....

Comic Update Schedule:
Kirby's Dream Adventures (New)- Daily
Kirby's Dream Adventures (Redo) - Whenever
Channel DDD News - Daily

Scheduled Days Off:
Weeks of AGDQ and SGDQ

Other Contacts:
Discord: JumboWheat01
Xbox Live: JumboWheat01
PSN: JumboWheat01
3DS Friend Code: 1633-4212-2808
(Message me yours so we can actually add each other.)
  • Real Name
    Robert Andrews
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Some fun grindy stuff going on in Destiny 2 right now, so I'm gonna be quite distracted.
Flimsy Kimsy.

Forgotten how addicting Andromeda was.
Seriously, stop looking at me like that.
DeDeDe's been through some stuff.
Marx's greatest enemy.
Summer is the worst season.

That is all.
The laser mouth must echo something fierce down here.
When the fourth wall is a plot device.
So between the amazing ending of SGDQ (over $3mil!) and the Summer Steam Sale letting me snag Tales of Berseria, among other things, the Doo was highly distracted.

And sweet sugar, Tales of Berseria! Compared to its predecessor, I absolutely love this game. Combat is fun and fast, skills are not some contrived thing, the characters are fun, the music is great, and by all that's sugary, Magilou. I'm sorry, Pascal, but I think you've been dethroned as my personal favorite Tales of character.

I now want a Tales of sidegame with Yuri Lowell, Jade Curtis, Edna and Magilou in it. The sheer weaponized snark will destroy things.
That'll be the day.
Such concern you show for flimsy Kimsy.
It's been a while since we had a good laser mouthing.
Squish Count +1
Who's this guy in the robes again?
Oh right, he's here. The horror.
Must've drank the mysterious water.
A bandana Luna-Dee. The world is doomed.
No comics tomorrow, I'm tired from my trip out of town today.
That's quite the suction power.

As of this post (which doesn't show the time I actually post anymore,) SGDQ had already hit $75k.
He could probably take Kredy and Klued on just fine, though.
You thought you could escape? Silly you.

SGDQ starts up today. While I normally take these weeks off, because of my "vacation," I won't. Still'll be watching it though.