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I play the cello. I'm a cat. I'm a cello-playing cat. :3
<:3 kiddies are cute, so I'm for MYth: A Promise. But I wouldn't have anything against MYth: Eternal Gift either. X3
Munkustrap to the rescue!!! X33 Jerry is quite right here - they're dead.

Even though the page is rushed, I think it's really good, especially concerning their emotions and such. Wish my stuff would look that great when rushed... >.>;;
So far, this is really thrilling! Go go go Remiel~ <3
X33 I really, really like the way you're doing this comic, I was totally hyper when I saw the first few pages on dA. Can't wait for more~

And hell, mustn't be nice to ehar people talking about murdering you.... XD