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This comic is awesome. :]
Can't wait for the next update!
Woa.. This is a pretty awesome comic. =u=
I hope you dun stop in the middle of it like some do...This is definitely something worth reading and finishing.

Aiden is pretty rad btw.
Contest entry
There are so many awesome entries I'm not even sure if I should attempt to compete.. xD;; Oh well.

This is Adah, a (very) self-aware, egotistical, and voluptuous fox. She used to have a longer tail, but it was shot off by an angry farmer. The obvious reason being that she was (kind of) a master chicken killer, able to get inside of any chicken coop and escape or enter (almost) any enclosure or trap. However, being too full of it, she was careless, and her pretty tail was blown straight off. Lucky for her, it wasn't her head. Since then, she's moved away from there and has continued her usual antics, which normally gets her in deep shit. She always has a story to tell that usually starts with "like that one time when.." and the rest is just complete craziness. Her best friend is a rabbit of whom she normally claims as a backup food source in front of other animals. She is always hungry..Almost always.
Has an issue with staring. i.e. Another animal will be sitting around doing nothing, and they'll look over and see her just staring intently for a long time (and for no real reason).

If she's ever feeling spunky, the picture given is what she would most likely take the time to wear. Any other day, it would just be anything she can throw together that looks "pretty rad".

That's all I can think of to tell you.. xD Have fun picking one! I can't wait to see more updates.
This is an amazing comic; one of my absolute favourites! <3
I can never wait to see the newest updates. *A*
I just found it today while browsing. Ahhh~ I read it all for the past few..hours... GRAH I SHOULD BE STUDYING!! *shotshot* o_e

As for "new, obscure series" I know a few really good ones that aren't necessarily new but very well worth the watch/read:

Black Lagoon
Blue Seed
Dogs (manga)
Soul Eater

So, I found this song the other day called Patience by Take That. Right?

So then, a day later, I'm chillin and listening to it...Then I come to smackjeeves to check on my favourites. Then I had an epiphany when I saw this comic and said, "Wow, this song totally gets into the mojo groove of this part of the comic. I should tell the author!"

So here I am... You should give it a listen:
April 11th, 2009
Like everyone else, I'm keeping it on my favs until you start it again!
Don't you dare delete it, either. D<
*cough* Hiya. oAo; Uhh... I really don't have an excuse for not updating in 5 days.. But here's a page! I'll force myself to break off Dr. Who tomorrow and work on another.
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! :D
I hope you enjoy 2009!
Did anyone do anything special?

And I got sims 2. XD So it was distracting me the past few days... I got it the other day and I stayed up ALL night and into noon the next day on accident. When I realized what time it was, I HAD to make myself break off of it and go to sleep. And I slept like all day.. XD So when I got up I started playing again.. Later on that day I realized that I need to work on the comic. So here I am! Sorry. xD

I'll, uh, update more again.
Happy Christmas and have a Merry New Year!! :DDDDD

This was SO fun to do. I'm telling you. A break from all that blood splattering. XD;

So. Uh. It's kinda a spoiler for later on in the comic. :P Those of you who were here before *cough cough* know kinda who she is.
Laff :D
Dude. The 3rd panel laugh TOTALLY reminds me of coyote from gunerkrigg court (or however you spell it).. He laughs JUST like that. XD;; I like how it came out.


@Hanl: Thanks X3; I try not to go all out on tones. *first time actually toning my comics*

inorite? It's the same, truuuust me. XD;; It just starts off on another point in the story.

LOL wtc. xD *pets*
Your babies with that page would probably be like that one baby that was born from a zombie mommy and was all "WAAARK" and the old lady was like "WTF SHOOT IT WTF" And the black dude was like "MAH BAAABEH".... Lol. Anyway. Yeah. It'd be an ugly baby.
Abort plx.
The Changes
Don't worry, it's the same story, for those of you who were here reading the first version. XD;;

But uh. Do you like it? :D
I hope it's scary and confusing and weird. It's supposed to be. X3;

Anyway, here's two pages. owo; Pyo~<3
Yeah... haha. I'm gonna try hard not to be lazy this time. XD; *might be bored enough to update 3-4 times tomorrow*

And yes, that's a severed head. Isn't it pretty? :D!! Mwehehe. *runs off to make more pages*
That's a whole lot of blood. >.>;; *went on a blood-happy spree*

Gee. It's supposed to be warped and stuff.. If you can't tell already. *points at her head* Uh. Yeah. You'll see. oAo;
*gonk* I don't understand but.. Whyyy do you have boy's names as your comment title on every page? XD;; It's very weird.. in an amazing way. :] *went through all the pages twice to read and look for the names*
LOL xDD Nice... I feel bad now.

This page looks amazing. *A* *drool*

I can't believe you're left handed. haha. I knew a really great artist and friend irl that was left handed. Heh heh. She was funny. But I digress. Your handwriting is fine. I like it. :D

...*goes to update my webcomic*
This is.. amazingly funny. XDD
Please don't let this die. ;-; Uuuupdate. <3<3<3

*squeals and runs off to draw fan art*
I get on the computer everyday just to read this over and over and over again. I could never get tired of something as beautifully drawn and randomly thought up yet so wonderfully written as this.

If I could, I would hug you right now. xD... A lot. This is amazing. Take my word for it.. And everyone else.

By the way Voltorb is like freaking.. hilarious XDDD Especially as a baby. I was laughing so hard at that.. XD
August 13th, 2008
Quickie before bed D;
Page 3/3.

This is how it REALLY goes. XD Haha..

Anyway, I see all the errors on the page and I'll fix them later. (when I'm not as tired)
Just ignore those minor errors and enjoy :D

I didn't do much toning at all... I kept it simple lol.
August 13th, 2008
Not what really happens
Page 2/3 rofl.

I just WISH she would do that.