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son of sam666
I love to draw weapons from the midevil era if you dont like lt you can kiss my ass.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAR!! Hope you have fun. Sorry im late.
I like it so far story line good but you kinda gotta work on the weapons. not being mean just sayin'.
hehe! thats kinda funny.
well thank you I try to get better each time ya know
Blade;L42''W at widest part is 6'' hand gaurd W 8'' Hgt 3'' handle 12'' including pommel which is also a blade, all constructed of 440 stainless steel black and titanium edge. all specs are variable and mostly im guessing.
there will be more,
Specs: Blade;L36'' W6''
Handle including pommel is L13'' W2'' all constructed of 440 stainless steel full tang black and steel coloring. handle is covered in pieces of rubber molded to handle.
Hey shadow hows it going.
Hey! wassup
Thank you for the commpliment
Gotta edit the last one but it should be posted soon.
What do you think personally I think its crap.

P.S. Still more coming.
There I posted. Happy now?

P.S. Theres more coming.
Thanks for expalaining shadow.
It just your average chain gun with a twist.
Glad you like it.
thanx I ment for it to be.
very funny,nice avatar.
Yes im my own fan(*sniffle*)