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I am a video game expert. 90 percent of games ive played, ive beaten. If you need advice for a game, pm me. If ive beaten it, ill give you some advice, strategys or anything. If I havent, ill tell you to tell me what level youre on. Ill see what i can do.

Some games ive beaten.
Call of duty 4
Halo 3
Shadow the hedgehog *four endings*
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Sonic Adventure DX
Iron man
Spider-man 3
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@Adria Because Marowak aren't technically the original Mothers.

There's a Certain theory where the Baby of a Kanghaskhan is actually a Cubone, but not yet. Should the Kanghaskan die, The baby takes the Skull and Femur and is recognized as a Cubone. Marowak is just a normal evolution, not the Cubones Mother.
>Random Girl: Tell the text below you to say your name so we know it.
I see catching Arceus as more of him being impressed so much by your skill he WILLINGLY goes with you.
Also, DeliClaus is fake. It sucks so much that it just repeatedly faints on the way to your house, so your parents get presents for you instead.
Actually, Arceus created the world by himself, Mew was just the first (As a sort of Prototype for all the Pokemon to come after) or the last (As a sort of data backup) pokemon Created by Arceus.
In the Manga, yes (Or at least the japanese one, I own said Manga and his name is blue in it)
However since this is obviously happening in FR/LG, and in SS/HG his name IS Blue...
For those who don't know, Pokemon was once dubbed by 4Kids.
Yes. That 4Kids.
Which explains EVERYTHING.
To be honest, I think they did.
Think '06 happened before Rush. The Dimension Blaze was teleported to (In the canon anyway) was the one in Rush. And probably, she was there for so long she forgot about Sonic.
It makes perfect sense. Honest.
I'm suprised that the Buizel still hasn't freaked out at the fact that he's a Male Vulpix.
And why would he be sad to be a Vulpix? If he finds a fire Stone he get's to live for up to 1,000 years.
If that's not awesome, I don't know what is.
>Faite: Plant C4 And/Or other explosives in your house. Just in case....
>Glandor: While she plants C4/Other in house, look at MAP for the next PLOT ANDVANCEMENT POINT.
>Glandor: Wait until she finishes, then ask who she is
>Glandor: Snap it's nonexistent Neck with your mind.
Holy crap.
Tikal just pulled a miss Trelawney from Harry Potter.
Best early Christmas Present ever. Life.
>Jump out the window and give the SWORD HILT to the first guy you meet outside.
I disagree on
zero Gravity. My only problem with that game was Jason Griffith.
And he can be turned off.

Also, those who said there were no good games after SA2B are wrong.
Sonic Rush.
And Sonic Rush Adventure.
You can say anything bad about any other Sonic game.
But when you say those are bad,
You are wrong.
I'm the opposite of everybody here, seeing as how the only Sonic Game I played and don't like is Unleashed.
And to blow everybodys mind, '06 was, is, and until the new game, will be, my favorite Sonic game.
The only problem with the game WAS Sonic.
Btw, I hate the old Sonic games.
Watch as I get flamed to death for everything I said in this comment
>Ask Pandora how she knows the answer to your questions despite the fact that you have technically not asked them aloud.