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Hi, I'm Murp. I use to comment on comics as a guest, but now I have an actual account so I now can comment on things that I previously could not.

I originally created this to report something, but doing so for that purpose turned out to be unnecessary. I even deleted this account at first, and I even might do it again anyways at any given moment... but on the other hand, at least now I can keep track of the comics I've been reading up till this point, so there's that.

Not gonna lie, I bark very loudly, so don't be surprised if I say something and later regret it, if not immediately.

I am also found here:
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Okay, I think Mewtwo Y-class is trying to tell us something, and Mew refuses to see reason...
Guess it's time Victini Blasted off!!!
"We ARE the monsters" NOT WRONG! XD
Bonjeur mon Homme!... did I say that right?
Right, let's get back on track.
@Truefan108: I did it mentally. I just had too.
@MissKate: I. Knew it. Man, now you got a train of nostalgia filled thought going in my mind! I remember the rhythm so I can read the lyrics to it with the voices going with it. I've seen the sing-along cassette enough times to almost know it by heart.
Why does the name of this chapter remind me of a song?
Don't make me grab my mallet, boys...
Yeah, bad eggs tend to make horrid first impressions with a species... speaking of which, tell me you intend to throw some good eggs in from a few dark/bug/poison/ghost/dragon Pokemon!

Oh, and I have a headcanon for the voices of the Magnemite line.
The B1/OOM Battle Droid for Magnemite
The Cylon for Magneton
and Soundwave for Magnezone

If the last one isn't to your liking, there's this, too:
@MissKate: A NORMAL TYPE?! Didn't see THAT coming!
BIRD OF PREY!... Or a Dark Pokemon, knowing the cliche of everything. BT
@MissKate: I used to chew a LOT of things myself...
OH, I get it now; babies make animal noises based on their animal counterparts, in this case a... Jackal?
@MissKate: Ugh... ALWAYS Eevee... Why couldn't it have been something more underrated? Like an Ekans?