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Friendshipy(warrior cat fan)
@Questwings: ok, can you do; Lavenderheart, Lilacsky, and Yellowbeam. they are named that because of the color of there eye. Lavenderheart: brave, courageous
Lilacsky: very shy, Loves Lavenderheart(as a sister)
Yellowbeam: jokester, will do anything for his sisters.
why? oh idk, maybe because her mom is abusing her!?!?! XD
i love you art BTW!!
that little kit is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awwww, thats so sweet!!!!! even if your bro is turning evil, he's still your bro!
oooooooooooooh i cant wait to see the rest!!!!!!!!!!
@FireTheWolf: thank you!!
NP! (also i had to comment because i could not reply because the dogs on the bottem were blocking me, from replying)
@Frost Fox: I thought it was a buffalo too! XD, i was wrong!
so sweet!!!!!!!
why are the other deer sleeping?