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@/////@ *falls over* To sexy~
Kya! XD I love it! The inconsistance works for your style though! ^_^ I can't wait for an update!
LOL! Its about freaking time someone needs to yell at him! He's always in the freaking woods! What is he doing in there anyways!
DAMN! XDD I wanna neko!
O.O pretty! I want!
OMG! She's got a flat screen in her room and a hot guy?! OAO I'm jealous! TT.TT
Aw!!! Congrats to the two!! XD
OMG! This page is freaking hilarious!
LMAO!!!!! Those top three panels made me crack up! XD Then the ppl around me looked at me like I was crazy XP (at library)
Next comes Kay picturing Tyler skipping and singing "I'm a pretty pony! I'm a pretty pony with a magical lamp and a hula-hoop!" X3
Your banner looks amazing XD its so bubbley! X3 WOOT FOR YOU!! XD

Awww they're racing to class cute XP
Sorry my comment was so long @.@
ZOMG! Welcome back! X3 I'm glad to see an update! I'm sorry about your sinuses, it's allegry season here in lovely Ohio. So lots of fun. I hope you feel better soon and be able to update again! XP

Oooooo swirlies X3 LMAO XP

Is the answer practice?

I think they look fine XP they look like they always do X3

Ugh college...I've gotta do the same DX Senior year looks like its gonna be a lot of fun DX
You haven't lost me!!! XD
I think your art is amazing!!! Its extremely unique from everybody elses!! XD KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

(Tyler is such an ass DX No more fan girl squeals for him!!)
!! ZOMG!!! O.O Those poor kids....

One more mystery to figure out...who was able to get the tampon stuck to the ceiling in the lunch room...
((really did happen at my school...and our ceiling is like 30 feet high...@.@))
**Que fangirl squeals**
O.O Pretty!! I wants to touch it!

@Phenixgen: LOL I bet he does!! Loads of them too! They must be equipped with fans too, since they're out of the panel!
Sorry I haven't commented in a while! DX I hate school!!! They are morphing us!! We should all rebel and destroy those who made school! Destruction!!

Who are those three??? What do they want with Kay??? @_@ Confuzled! Kay kick their asses!!! NRA!!!

(( I think I've gone crazy since the last post))
lol ^_^ Yea for embarassing shows!
I wants to pop the bubbles! DX They're a heck of a lot better then what I could do!
Aw it's okay, the hair looks awesome!! The hair looks a lot better then what I could do! How long did you work on it?

I know where Kay is hitting at. I watch Angel and Buffy all the time. Its like the cheesiest show out there and my family makes fun of me for watching it, but hey I think its worth seeing my favorite character get drunk and party all night.
Wow that sounds like my mom....bitching about the bills....XP well she just bitches about everything...
Anyways I love your remote!