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Name's Constanze. (cohn-stAHn-zee)

Writer, artist, musician, theatre geek. Live it, love it.
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    Constanze Hertz
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December 4th, 2011
Waaaahhhhh this is the first time I've commented, and I must say I'm in love with your comic D:

EDIT: And comment virginity is mine :3
Sorry for the holdup!! Dx I'm preparing for a competition in like two weeks so I'm mega busy and won't be able to draw much in between, so you can go ahead and skip me >.< again, sorry!!!
I'll go for 47 :)
Waaahhh sorry Dx I was at a loss and had no idea what to do, so I just threw stuff together.
Page 40 please :)
...We make Christmas colors xD
Can I post a page? :o
Tsukume Yokura
*the rest of her legs are covered with black stockings and she wears red Mary-Jane shoes with heels.*

Name: Tsukume Yokura

Age: 17

Specialty Genre: Classical, Pop Ballad, Musical Broadway, Opera

Teacher: Meiko

Are You in the Club?: Yes

Personality: Yokura makes herself out to be a very "classy" person--she minds her manners, has a perfect posture, and prefers everything neat and clean. She even handles her utensils and drinks with her pinky stuck out. However, being created this way gave her several OCD issues, in which whenever things don't go her way or aren't arranged in a manner than she prefers, she malfunctions, has a temporary mental toleration meltdown, and becomes a spastic freak for a short period of time. Other than these moments of madness, her daily expression is cool and calm as she maintains a regal-like stature. She can be a cold person when she's serious or she gets angry, but only because she tries to maintain that stiff and proper expression of hers--when her short fuse finally blows, she becomes a fiery, tempermental demon. Sometimes when her emotions are out of line, she is very bold in her words and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Otherwise, in her calm state she is very polite and sweet.

History: Yokura's creator decided to model Yokura after both Meiko and Kagamine Rin, where her voice has the ability to sing low and sing high. He created her to be an elegant young lady with manners and respect, so that he may have the model of a perfect daughter. However, the flaw in her great singing range are weak points in the middle where vocal cracks happen in the pitch because of the different breaks and kinks in the structure of her voice box. No matter how many times Yokura's creator tried to repair these cracks and eliminate them, they would always emerge again. Her perfection became flawed when she began to behave wildly in reaction to small things, like grammatical error and unorganized, unalphabetical book shelves, and thus her creator faced another problem in repairing her psychological functions. When months began to turn into years and her creator would always arrive at the same problems, he gave up out of frustration and threw her out. She wandered the streets until a rich man found her and took her in, and he finally found a scientist that was able to fix most of her vocal cracks, but they occasionally pop out every once in a while because the breaks in her voice box still exist. He trained her as much as he could to maintain a proper poise so that her OCD meltdowns don't occur as much as they did before, but nonetheless they still happen. Soon enough, her "father" enrolled her into the Vocaloid Academy where she could be further trained to control her vocal cracks and possibly her mentality.

Extra Notes :
-Enjoys listening to cello music and symphonic metal
-Can play the piano and the violin
-She has an obsession with fruit, especially watermelon.
Disclaimer: Moth, butterflies and splatter found by Google images.
Starting again
Yup! Death Melody is back.

This time with a new artist, Rummie. She does the original sketch while I clean it and make it fancy with my GIMP skills.
So there's a Jeysu hater now? xD
Blah. Music competition preparation's always busy >>
But whatev. I'm trying to update as much as I can :3 Enjoy the failing attempt at shading~
I was too lazy to find blood screen tones, so I went BLAH, and boom :o

The guy's hand is... small. *looks at own hands* See, I used these as a model, but, I don't think I should anymore xD
YAY! I finally got to update today~
Have fun deciphering what that text says if you get bored :D
This page screams "I SUCK AT ANIMATION"
Indeed I do. Wish I had a tablet though. But that means Photoshop. And Photoshop is not in parental approval D:

Shh.. Don't let Echo find that out. xD
Confused? Good.

I couldn't make one for Death Melody.Was too busy. TT__TT
*Dramatic music for when he enters*

Haha, saw this on the front page of the site and was all OOOOOHHHH YAY~!

Except the computer was being blah, so my comment was delayed >_>
September 8th, 2008
Scorchie ish soooo cute <3