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June 21st, 2011
wow, sorry i haven't commented for a while...

but aw, at least lochlan was trying to get a feel for the situation from her, too...
>ingage in obligatory before battle witty banter
>surf the crunch wave, baby *shade glint*
>the crunch bars won't stop falling!
>the disco ball shatters due to the shear awesome of neon luminescence
June 18th, 2011
gaaah sorry late welcome back!!! >.<

and i love it all!! <3

and is that the dude with the sword, white hair and green eyes? what's his name... i feel like it starts with a k.... oh well, what evs, still awesome! X3
June 16th, 2011
i sense imminent scheming....

and how old is djordi???
>read the note
keiran's face... priceless :'D

and lol Iram you are too cute!! >w<
lol, poor takao... *first panel activates my shipping majorly* XD
i love tristan X3

and awe, i'd like to see cuter keiran X3 (cuter cuase he's still cute now X3)
oh, man, really ichiro??? really???

and hisoka, can't you pick up the atmosphere here? =w='
omg, keiran bottoms?? XD that's so funny!!

and lol, iram, you are too adorable!! >w<
uh-oh, i smell trouble...
i... i... i...


poor baby needs some lovin' O.Q

(and it's the leats he could do, since he plans to hand him over to whoever...)

but also lol on tristan XP
lol on the first panel XD
lol, i love the random dude in the background going like "what?" XD

and mmm, this feels like fanservice to me... ;D
yes, i do still find her cute X3

and geez, there is some srs bizness happenin' here...
cheres is still so small and cute >w<
one other person posted a comic...