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Umm... What should I say in this page *scratches head* I love drawing (yeah, especially making a BL/yaoi manga hahaha) *dodges everything aimed at her head*

As many of you noticed already, english is my second language (so please bear with me as I still making a lot of mistakes in my grammars and spelling x.x)
HAHAHHAAA so far, this is my most fav pages <3 I just love Haruki's reaction when Takashi asked him to a date X3! Yesh, it's a date! *hearts them*

Though it's actually pretty hard to draw Haruki (as you can see, his faces on each panels kinda... changed LOL I need to practice to draw him better x.x)

note: at the last part, Haru mentioned 'why am I so stupid' its because he forgot to explain about the love letter to Takashi and he didn't decline the ticket ROFL poor little Haru XD *dodges a flying potatoe*
LMAO I'm so busy that I'm back on using photoshop to tone up the pages *diez* and I made the size of the page bigger too so it'll be easier to read the text X3;

and sorry for the slow update, I'm kinda stuck here on what gonna happen between Takashi (the seme) and Haruki XD; (as you can see, I'm really weak in romance stuff X3;;;)
to dark angel
oooh~ thank you so much *3*! *dance the happy dance*
lol if you read through the prologue pages, Hinako's bad habit is flying/floating around the room XD;
"you listen to britney spears"

*snorts* I just have to ROFL-ing at this page LOL brilliant! XD so faving this <3
One shounen-ai short story from me XD! I'm so lazy to digital-editing the page so I used my markers instead... since I do need to use them before all of them went dry on me x.x;
more bloody pages coming right up mwahahaha~ *dodges a flying shoe*
LOL pinball pumpkin and zombies XD! this is fun *favs*

really gorgeous style of art too *3* can't wait to see more *hearts*
omg this comic is so well drawn and I love your style too XD! it's rare to find someone who drew comic like this *totally faving the comic*

Can't wait to see more of the pages XD! *thumbs up* and Rico's face looks gorgeous there <3
July 4th, 2008
such a beautiful cover art :D now I can't wait to see how the story will be <3
AHAHAHAHAA the idea of the guy he's thinking of (while pleasuring himself) was listening the whole time is... evilly sexah <3

love it =>3<=
whoa *hearts*
This is like the most beautiful and cute drawing/coloring ever! *goes to read the rest of the pages* I'm so gonna faving you now *3*