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I like cats. Oh! and kittens. Well I guess that's pretty much the same thing... with time at least.

Hope you like my comic!
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hi! i know its been forever since an update but i've been doing much reworking of the story lately and will post a few re-done pages along with (hopefully) a new one or two. thank you!
ohh thank you so much! haha that would be awesome, i've never had fanart before!!! <3
July 29th, 2008
beautiful and unique story! love!
i love her expressions in this page
every single page is a work of art, and i cant wait to see where the story goes!! hope the updates start again soon!
Top panel took me effing forever to get the odd perspective to look halfway decent *grumble grumble*
i love how this comic is going so far! and i looooove isabel's outfits!! ^_^
oh the suspense! cant wait until the next page is up
i cant wait to see where this story goes!! i love your character designs
July 20th, 2008
every single page is so beautiful.
ohhhh i love the angle of the middle panel
haha, he probably wishes
thank you everyone!! ^_^
Thank you! Haha another will be up tomorrow! I like your style too- you should do all your comics with a touch of color like this!
i LOVE that little crazed looked that's always in the ebony prince's eyes.... can't wait to see more!
ohhhhh i LOVE that you're doing it in color!!! (and again, i love your style!) can't wait to see more ^_^
coolest socks ever
haha i LOVE this! great comic. now i'm off to keep reading!! ^_^
adorable picture, your art is beautiful! you have such a pretty style ^_^
absolutely beautiful comic, i can't wait to see more! each page is so pretty