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Don't have much to sayyy...just the typical anime fanatic. I love to draw and randomly sing.

Being lazy at the moment...>3>;
I STILL can't stop laughing from this. And I love how drew all this. Thanksss <3

Whooo, Mermaids! >D
Holy ----! Think twice before messing with Theo and Namiko. And the inking makes it so cool! O___O You drew them so awesome! <3

Heh! Asou and Takeru! "Ah, youth. Looks like you were right, Asou."

You're next Rikku! <3
You're back!(kinda)
I'm so glad you updated! But we still miss you. :(

I could'nt help but notice Theo's ripped uniform! Interesting...~

The fifth panel made me LOL.
Um...yeah. I felt like I rushed this page(I'm sure I did). And I hope I can be forgiven! ;__;

And argh! Drawing beaten up people is'nt fun...And finally, my characters have appeared! :'D
You have no idea how much I laughed while reading this. I love this page! XD

Poor Asou. I like "innocent" Takeru. :'3
Lalaaa...>///> ~
You have no idea how much I giggled. And how akward I feel. >///> <3

This was seriously hot. Takeru is making Asou so nervousss!

Can't believe you posted the first page! Whooo!
They all look amaziiiing! *__*
And Magdalena looks like she's in her 20's!<3

The twins are adorable and Peyton just looks hot. >3> ~

Great job on your intros, Sae! They were so funny and eye catching.
Everyone looks so cute and hot! And I can't help but smile when I see Theo! XD;

I guess I can forgive you for cancelling AA. Since you updated, I mean. >D

Now to see the next page!...
Here are the guys! Kei and Andiru! I really like these two. But I've noticed I keep making guys so serious...*FAIL*

Let's hope I update more often~ Bye.
Finally. XD
It's been awhile since I've updated. D':

Just an intro page of my characters Hana and Namiko. Namiko was sure a pain to draw, though.

Hope they won't be a problem. XD;
If you feel the need to. I sure will miss the pages you drew. ^__^;

lol~No, we won't throw rocks at you! And I wish you luck on the new pages.
Yay! Yay!
I can't believe you posted this up already! That was so sudden!

Asou and Takeru look so fine! I love them to death~

Now I'm even more excited than ever! Let's keep this collab going, guys!<3
Aw, me too.
Congrats on your hard work! You've earned it, Sae-san!~

I adore this picture! <3
I can see it in his eyes <3
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it'll clear for your sake...;___;

I will wait for youuu~<3
I'm sure he is...
Why would'nt you? Seriously, keep drawing him like that and I'll faint. >///>

I just love your style!~
Pfft. "Secretly"?....
o///o Haha, Theo actually looks good in that! Nice work Sae-san! And Rikku!<3

*dramatic pause*
Say it is'nt so! DX

What counts is that Julian is right there! I think...anyways, thanks for the update! ;__;
I just LOL'ed!
Thanks for the good laugh! XD
Really?! Paint?
Huh??? Wait...HUH? He could'nt of died! WTH? Okei, I'm confused.

And you HAD to end it as a cliffhanger.

But anyways, the blood splatters make it so intense. >.< and kid Julian is adorable (despite his sad face)

Nice work!~
gah~ you surprised me!
No joking! You scared me for a second! XD Anyways, I love Julian's face on the 4th panel. And I adore Theo's hair!

Haha, thaaanks~ You're too kind. <3 ;__;

this page is like in a serious type mode. And Julian looks nervous! *question bubbles pop up* *waits for next page*