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Hei Moi! Nice to meet you, I'm mannytsu, a girl from a snowy land called Finland. I study 3D-animation, but drawing comics is my passion. I really enjoy anything horror themed and romance stories.

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Back in action
Got my screen tones back and now I'm ready to continue the comic ;) I'll try to keep up with the weekly updates, but we'll see how it goes
And this page will conclude the chapter 3 : ) I hope you enjoyed.

Now, there's going to be a small break from updates, around 2-4 weeks (no longer than a month). I need some time to draw the pages since unlike the previous chapters, chapter 4 hasn't been drawn yet. I have around 10 pages sketched already, so I should get stuff done pretty quickly. ;) Thank you for your support <3 I couldn't keep going without you!
@Jashi: Thank you so much ;W; <3
@LadyLestat101: I'm happy to hear that! <3 Thank you ;w;
And so, this concludes the chapter 3. Any thoughts?

There are 4 pages left of the extra story and then I will keep a short hiatus (hopefully max 4 weeks), depending on the status of chapter 4.
Double Update!
Sorry for not updating for a while. My external hard drive broke and it had all the comic pages I had made. I was abroad and couldn't get it repaired or anything. Now I'm back home and I was able to scan the pages from the printed version (sorry for the quality) and hopefully I'll get the hard drive fixed soon too : )
@Leafy Savanna Chan: Yeah I was wondering does that sentence need "about" at the end :'D Thanks for noting me, english isn't my first language
Just to clarify, she didn't kiss him. But a close call
Double Update!
Double update! So notice the page before this one!
Yeah this shit is going down!
New character joins the fight! (what?)
Wow, Lumi. That was lame...
February 21st, 2014
Well that was unexpected :'DD Love their faces!
How cute~
@Para.island: hehee no need to be ashamed x'D I'm just suprised people thought that they were dating (even after 1st chapter) since that wasn't my intention. But I played with it more later in 2nd chapter, so yeah >:3
Just out of curiosity... many of you thought that she was his girlfriend? :'D
Last page for 2013! Happy New Year guys :3
Christmas is coming!
Just so you know, I'm keeping a Kiss me Snow Advent Calendar in tumblr: I'll be posting one picture every day until christmas~ If you have any requests for the images, please let me know :)
Hello guys :3 I have a small announcement to make. From now on Kiss me Snow will only update ONCE a week on Mondays. I'd like to keep on updating twice a week, but I have to think about the future too. You see, I'm trying to apply for student exchange so if I'm accepted, I will be spending next spring in another country, meaning that I probably won't have time to work on the comic. If this is the case, I'm planning on releasing the printed version of the chapter 4 during next summer/autumn. I don't want that there will be a looooong break between ch 3 and 4 on the webcomic version, so I have to slow down the releasing pace. I hope you will understand this arrangement. I will keep working on with the comic no matter what, so no worries on that : )
WHO could it BE?! D: