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I'm not always here, because I don't art for a living. This means sometimes I will disappear for long expanses of time.
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*Six months Later~*
A new page! Actually, two, since I redid page 11 as well.

I might have tried too hard with this page. I honestly did not know how it would turn out. Next time, thumbnails... and thumbnails for my thumbnails.
December 24th, 2017
Merry Christmas!

A few drawings I did yesterday, because I haven't practiced drawing this character much. Which is a general rule; thus, the mistakes and inconsistencies of all my character drawings. Ah, well.

I now have ink.
Only took three years. lol.
Sadly, I have run out of marker ink for two of my most used markers... So, until I can get those refilled, My comic updates are on pause. Booo...
May 29th, 2014
Hello all! Look, I made changes to the template, i.e. I recolored everything. And I'm redoing comic pages, but this comic is not dead! I really wanted to get rid of the "updated: 9 months ago" status on the profile, because it's just not true!! It's just not comics that progress the story, but I plan on getting to that soon. :D
I love sleeping, but for some reason my body is more energetic if I go to be at 2am and sleep less... I don't know, mayne, I don't know.
I haven't been able to do anything during the academic year! D: It's been very draining. But it's summertime again! So, besides random trips places, I get to draw/write and do other fun things!!!
I thought it had a good message about human complacency, that even thought something has worked for a long time doesn't mean it will work forever.
No real content here... I just thought these doodles look cool~
I find it weird that my wires fit perfectly between my toes. I tripped on wires the last couple days, several times, because a wire just hooked onto my little toe...
My mornings are so full of meh. I can't seem to get up... Probably cause I really don't have to since I currently am on break from being productive in society.
I just doodled whatever popped into my mind... I should do that more often!
I try so hard... and I feel like I'm drawing that last panel all the time, aha.
I eat too many chips... it cuts into my comic making times. :I
July 10th, 2013
I traveled to the midwest for a week in the summer and freaked out because I had forgotten about cottonwood fluffs! It's my mission to plant some cottonwoods around my future house lol.
I didn't even notice the boxyness of the panels on the previous pages. You switch it up enough that the story is not affected. :)
@Spacepegasus: Oh! aha, thanks! I'm attempting not to shy away from detail because I might think it's too much of a challenge. I'm glad it turned out well!
I like both cat and rats... except when they congregate and stare like that. yikes!
New pages uploaded, old pages deleted.