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My art:

Currently working on:

*A shell made of glass (drafts being made)
Autumn is able to control her dreams and has been spending them with a boy named Dashiel, the only living being to appear in her dreams.
All is well, until one day (it always seems to be that One Day), she finds a glass shell on one of the dream beaches and, for some reason, things she only used to see in her dreams start to end up in the real world, and vice versa!
This doesn't bode well -- not well at all.

Currently looking for people to draw the following stories:

*Oh My God! (How Can I Tell You That I Love You?)
One shot based on the story of Adam and Eve.

Longer story including merman/mermaids, an ordinary girl with mystical powers and a self-appointed king.

*Neither Monday, Nor Sunday
Story about the personifications of the days of the week and their quest to become the first day.

*The Time Machine
Longer story about the future, the past and other dimensions.
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Panel three is amazing. Also, redhead's (whatshernameagain) face in panel one cracks me up.
I love how Atticus isn't afraid at all to be burned by Charmander's flame.
You're right, it makes no sense.
But this page did explain a lot.

I'm liking it so far (I've been reading along for a few pages but never posted I think).
I love The Scream.

The neighbor is awesome.
He's so very flat. XD
I think he should just be named The Manager... His not having a name adds to the mystery, methinks. ^_^
By the way, cute story so far. <3
You improved A LOT since the last page, the drawing skillz as well as the paneling. I'm especially enjoying her eye in the last panel.
There wasn't much to guess about that, since you'd already put it in the character profiles that Clover and Ren used to date. XD;;
Hurray for the return of Andy!
Atticus makes a point! WIN.

Also, his face in the fourth panel is nicely done.
I kind of thought it looked like man-bear-pig, but I wasn't sure until you mentioned there was a South Park reference.

You are really good at drawing sexy pics.
He really changed. =\

Atticus is the anti-Ash!
I've wondered the same thing many times.
I like your comic. <3
Have I ever told you that your toning kicks ass?
Just go talk to her already! Jeez!

Also, what are their names, or it that qualified information?
Wait, what? Clover's going to bed while there are TWO HOT GUYS in his HOUSE? Does he WANT to be raepd?
I miss Andy. ;_;
Did you erase this page for a while? I wanted to comment before but it didn't work.

Anyways, as I was saying, I really like the first panel... and the "eye" panel as well. You're definitely improving since More Than Blood.

Oh yeah... and Atti's sweater is love.
Oak is... scary.