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I like Pokémon, drawing, and comics....Hmm I wonder what that means :3
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    Joey Franklin
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Lol Elikids face
Ya need some help there,Alejandro? lol
@mrjacob77: Anything to not listen to the OWL
@Jedipikachu: Beautiful big brain skills
Nick must...... Run. Dnunununu
@Lucky02: I think we can all agree on that
Celebi hiring his excitement with edgyness
Also @Flareon1225
Thank you! You as well, (if your competing of course)
Oh dear lord I only have One day!!!
Nothing is Scarier than a Meowth, but it’s tall
I’d vote Either Nimbus or Shelly, but I had to go with Shelly for obvious reasons of being so darn precious
(Announcer voice)Congratulations! You just got yourself a tiny child!
Alejandro is just straight up logic throughout this entire comic
(Runs away from Flirty small talk so he doesn’t need to be reminded of his lonely life)
Yeah guys, we need Yalini to falcon punch Lyra into Next week