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So. I tried making an account with the username Kyorina. :B

And guess what?

I couldn't log in. Go figure. >-> I had to "validate my account". But I never got any e-mail. ._.

After further investigation, I discovered the problem. Turns out, I misspelled My. Own. Email. Account! xO

How does that happen? xP Oh well, so, Now making my 'debut' on SJ as Kyo-Tan! <(^w^)>

So: I decided today, September 15, that I need to make my own little icon. I ALSO need to learn the many magical wonders of paintshop pro! And while I'm at it; I need a tablet as well! =O

My pages always look all icky when I first scan them, so I need to find a way to fix that before I actually start a webcomic.

And I need to establish a proper plot. >x<

I wonder why I'm updating my profile at eleven-thirty at night? I guess I have no life. >o>
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September 15th, 2009
YAY THANK THE HEAVENS YOU'RE BACK!!! TwT -tears of joy- Oh how I have waited for this day... T~T

You know; Camilo's thinking face looks like a battle face... So I wonder what his battle face looks like...?

Oh yes; because the good spirits luuuuuv blasphemy! =P
Demon bunnies are kyoot <3
Dark would probably luv even demon bunnies... >_> Which is wierd because the REAL Dark would probably just kick them... Yep; the Dark I enroled is a FAKE! =O!!!
Thanks! I can already tell that you will be getting a happy sentence! >.^
I did it! ^~^ I sent my characters profile... picture... thing. Thanks for the help, Sylira ^^
Urg... I tried that already... Here's where it sent me:
Hi ho~

I would like to join, but I know nothing about modern day technology ;_; Plus my only computor is a laptop (did I spell that right? xD) with a touch mouse...

But that's not the real problem: how do I PM someone!? Dx
Oh god, poor Asura... I don't think He wants to try any more of her cooking after that Tapioca...
They truely are twins... O~O
nuuuuu, they killed her! I mean him!
Asura... you reactions amaze me.

*bows* <(_ _)>
You know... he's really kyoot with his hair down =3
July 29th, 2008

...this guy scares me.
He found the leader =.=
That's quite some... epic... paper delivering. XD