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I take all telecourses, working on my Associate's degree I should be finishing this year... I write midis, make games, draw things, play video games, etc. etc. etc.

I works at Wal-Mart, and it helps pays me bills and provide me the wherewithal to purchase goods and services. Me fiance I lives with does most of me buyin', though :P.
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    Janice Pennington
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September 15th, 2011
Every page is gorgeous 8D!
The Sparky character card in the card compendium has a 3x rock advantage, but at this point he doesn't have that power yet...
Oh yeah, I picked up this outline from a few years ago, and have just been following it blindly until, when I realized going back and reading it from start to finish it moves like 100 mph o_O.

So after this page, I've added a few pages of fleshing out the story and just chillin', also I've changed the story to be more dense, etc. So it'll be slowing down soon, as soon as my manga pens show up >.>
July 24th, 2006
Haha, I'm gonna have to start giving the speech Tannie gives in the first panel at every climactic battle I find myself in XD
Yeah, he's half triclops and half human.
Oh whoops. I currently have a cold, barely have time to you know, work and school and make this game I'm working on so... this is now in suspended indefinitely status (with this page made right, if I get back to working on it).

In the meantime, I've uploaded Dan Quayle to Smack Jeeves if you want something else to look at for a few days.
That was weird o_O. Anywho, I just changed computers, but luckily I had this page uploaded to Photobucket, and just transferred it from there :P