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Name's Phoenix. I like some things; don't like other things.
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Don't be so hard on yourself, Rick is a sexy beast. *_*
Lol, my hair is completely devoid of curls now... Poo. :<

Anyways, if I were Rick I would've eaten my way out. ~O: now GO EXTRACT SOME TV.
Aw man, I def want to continue, I love SSoC and I kind of hate seeing it stall but I always feel like there's nothing for my character to be doing with all the recent hullabaloo since she's all normal and junk. School and MMOs have been pretty hard on my schedule (college classes and I got a GM position on an RO server), so I haven't had much time to think about comics. But I'm alive and kickin'.... so far. o_o An in-comic calander would be useful 'cause 200 pages = 2 days = crazy!
January 25th, 2009
: (
i spent a week trying to decide what this page should look like -- action poses, portraits, artsy crap.
but this is what i came up with. feel free to be as disappointed as i am.
November 29th, 2008
Ahahaha she who should not be mentioned is awful ;u;
This captures the spirit of marysue-ism perfectly, and great art. x3
Giant scorpion play pen.

And this page looks good, good job~~ n_n
I luff Rick xD He's never in the shadows OF MY HEART~

I love every page you do ;u; <3

vv-Edit-vv: I know. xD I tend to put two completely unrelated thoughts together.
November 20th, 2008
~O: I love the art on this paaage, the colors are great.

as long as he doesn't have a hunger for cats~
20's 50's 80's 60's? : D
aww gosh cute, awesome work~ <33
It's black and grey but you weren't far off. x3
I have a feeling Duzie is going to kill us while we sleep... Sov first, for leaving him outside. ~_~
Yay activity <3
xD; Sorry, she didn't see Duzie because he's so tiny. If she saw him she'd be all "AWW OMG SO CUTE ;U;" and grab his cheeks and probably make his brain explode.
I assumed Duzie was still waiting outside, and that cake was from the 'welcome party' strip, sorry if you wanted it to disappear. Anyway, the door is open so he can just walk in. xD;
aww thanks guys, i just got bored. xD; i need to do a followup page nao, brb.
my turn pl0x :33

Yeah, freakin' real life has been consuming me. ;_; And I feel guilty when I log onto SJ because I'm not updating my comic...
But I shall post!
hey guys i'm alive..!
aw, this is awesome xD <3
sov being a cat = accurate o':
it's a nice picture, too :3
kfjslkfja xDDDD
He is smooth. Gotta give 'im credit.
Great page. xD
September 10th, 2008
let's pretend that kaitlyn doesn't defy the perspective of this page, that you can't really see her, and that the color scheme and layout didn't change abruptly.
i've also never seen heavy snowfall in my life so please don't hurt me. ;n;
September 8th, 2008
xD Thanks for the comment, Kaitlyn kills.. a lot of things, I promise she's not prejudice against animals. ;( In fact... nevermind, I'll introduce all that later. I assure you that her girlfriend was not pleased with it either. xD;
I'm working on a new page right now. n_nv
;u; aww gosh this is cute <3333
Mike can practice on Sov all he wants~! n~n
Lol, that.. sounded odd.
Someone turned out the sun D':
I bet it has something to do with the fact that the house is haunted >:T