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Aw, thank you for the continued support! I do plan to come back to this very soon, and even have the next page sketched out.
Awesome first panel! Really grabs one's attention. :D
I will now have nightmares of naked old ladies.

For reals.

Still, love the comic. :D
Gotta love spam.

Er, wait. No you don't. ;)
Heh mmm sushi. Can you tell I'm a fan of it as well?

::must update sooooooon::
Hee, thanks kangel! Yeah, not the smartest choice for breaking up with somebody. :P
Love the dynamics of this page, especially the tones. Great job!
Hee hee! Loves this. :D
Aw, I've had that happen before too. :/

You have my sympathy! But I will not share my choc chip cookies with you. Sowwy.
Aw, thanks, Dotless! I appreciate that. I'm trying to stand out here, but tis hard so I'm glad you're liking it. :D
Hee, thanks! Maybe your Mom is just out for a stroll. ;)
Look at you, all wise and detective-like! :D
Her eyes are great! They really draw me in. :D
Thanks, darling! Coloring can be fun, if time-sucking. Don't spoil the secret of who his stalker is. ;)
Ha, well said! But I'm not going to drown myself. :P
Uh-oh! Looks like Josh has a stalker...

Stay tuned for more! Also, if you like my lil webcomic, how about letting your friends know about it? :D Mucho thanks!
Colors are very nice. :D

That said, "Ted" kinda scares me. A lot...
August 12th, 2008
Love this image! The trees look great, and it really gives off an eerie/pretty vibe.
Everybody...start your cramming engines! Vrrrrrrroom vrrrrrroom!
Love the colors and art style! Fav-ing this. :D