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Im a furry, get over it.
a serious one, not your 'sonic fan character' type either.
the true anthro ones.
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    Xin Trayce
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jus sayin :c
well then, since its all opinion
explain the success of sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic rush, sonic rush adventure, sonic advance 1-3, and the day stages of sonic unleashed |:
lool just 3 panels
lol :D
whoah i uploaded
im next lol
omg i cant stop laughing at this
its awesome
almost forgot about this, holy cow
almost forgot about dis :c
jigglyyyyy :D

alrighty den
I'll get started right away :D
ihu sluts |:<
lol watch out gear, he's gonna push his religion on you .o.
explanitory. dun hate me |:
i might kill this comic cause im tired of spriting and dealing with sprites
its dracs birthday too :c
omg happy birthday eldar :c
does sonic look remotely available???
omg long comments broke the page :c