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guess she could say the same thing about him.
Except the fact that "ich habe für leute hunger" doesn't make any sense, this is damn funny :D
Dah. Nonsense.
He's just kind, that makes him not evil but boring.
uuhm... congratulations, i guess.
hmm, lets see where it goes ^^
You're talented, and the idea for the comic sounds funny... i'll watch you. ^^
August 16th, 2008
Oha, cool thing, the story develops interessting... i'll watch it ^^
hey, cool comic, really! o_O
Thumbs up for the hole comic.
i enjoyed reading it alot.
Stay being so brilliant ^^
i really don't get how this fight works, but it looks funny...
and genious page, by the way |D
I had to grin while reading the comic ^^
and you aren't a bad artist, you should just take more time for drawing, they're all looking rushed.
and please paper without lines ^^
hehe, your style is just genious. i love it.
July 9th, 2008
Heh, your comic is well done, its an interessting story i think... dunno why its so unknown, haven't seen a coment anywhere. ô_O

only the storytelling is sometimes a bit confusing... ^_^" but doesn't really matter.