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omg that was cold of her, no wonder she looks so frosty in her portrait
oh dear, this doesn't look good
woah! lovely!!
...boys have tits?
LOL! Pan 2 is epic win :3
and you can blame the color of his hair on the sunlight if you want (depending on the time of day)
*happy squeals* you updated!!! :3
LOL! Omg and i was quoteing that same play at work today ^_^
LOL! Pan 4 is the win ^^
oh noes~!
uh oh, from the look on abagail's face, it looks like bianca is in major trouble
hazzah! it's family history time!
makes me wonder if eric has nay pics of his mom
*happy squeal*
i'm glad to hear you're better!
oh wow, me thinks the whole school will be talking about this by the end of the day
awww, she looks good in loli

oh noes1 i hope you get 100% better soon *gives you cookies*