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Hi I'm Sabrina :)

I am madly inlove with anime & manga, I really love reading any manga I can get my hands on. My all time favorite is:
millenium snow, deathnote,naruto-naruto shippuden,sugar rune,trinity blood,boyfriend?,princess ai :D.

I enjoy drawing, singing, writing,art, poetry,lyrics,candy, skateboarding, playing my keyboard, archery,cooking, and listening to music.

My dream is very simple I wish to be a pastery chef and go to college at the art insitute.

I have a few dislikes really such as: chocolate. Haha.

My job is making driveways, painting house,ashpalt work,roofing,and cleaning house.

Things I like to do is dance in the dark listen to music, and sometimes like to hang by my self alone , running around in the rain.
Things I want to do are seeing and feeling the snow for the first time, bungie jumping,learn how to swim.
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    Sabrina Mitchell
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interesting couple XD This is so Amazing.
This is so cute I love it :D
so cute i can't wait to draw my costume
lol I was thinking that when I picked his name XD
:Bio: alfred was a ordinary boy till his parents died and his girlfriend. So to heal his broken heart he slit his every part of his body and wears long sleeves to cover it up.


Age:17 1/2

Sexuality: Bi

Likes:rock music,beating his head against a wall,blades,cutting,sweaters,


Personality: nice to people who deserve it
keeps his problems to his self but helps others with there's, caring to animals.

History:his parents were the only kind ones in his family the rest treated him like dirt he didn't care as long his parents loved him and had proposed to his girlfriend 2 days before.

How they died: grabbed nail gun placed it at his heart and shot 10 nails in his heart.

Interesting Info:likes to bath in his own blood.
wow thats cute
October 3rd, 2009
omg omg there zombies
September 21st, 2009
I can't wait to add my comic page.
is it posible for me to join?
Can I join
yuri collab
wow i just joined smack jeeves and i already like ur comics hanna is the best one i like