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I live in California. I fell into office work as a plan B since my art career didn't go anywhere. And besides, my art instructors sneered at my love of manga. Well, screw them! I got an invite less than 2 hours after setting up my deviantart account, people are so kind! Looking forward to posting my comics!
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    Juri Renee
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darn, no more books in print?! I've had your volume 1 on my wish list @ Amazon for a while now, so sorry I haven't gotten around to getting it. Still waiting for my family to buy it as Christmas present...I hope it doesn't go out of stock.
I'm terribly sorry...

your art is fantastic, and I prefer stuff in print than online anyway. old school gal...
in any case, glad to see your stuff is still going strong!
amateur artwork?! no way. it's gorgeous! your book in print, by the way? I prefer to support indy manga that way..thanks!
nice work! great cartoony style and coloring! keep it up!
November 27th, 2011
you're too kind, my dear. Bless you. I'll keep making nice, pretty manga to the best of my ability(when real life doesn't hinder me!) ^_^
November 27th, 2011
this is unreal! a fanart of MY character?! by an artist whose way better than me to boot! I can't thank you enough!
What an adorable story! very sweet, the poor bear/boy! fantastic expressions of emotion.
August 13th, 2010
I do hope to get a table set at a convention eventually, starting small. But that will be a long time in coming; I plan to get my second series done before trying that out. Probably my first one will be at Animation on Demand in San Francisco one of
August 11th, 2010
thanks so much for the kind words! Tell me, if this book makes it to, would you consider purchase? there will be extras in the print version that I won't be posting online(the online venues are for "marketing" purposes for the printed books.
love the expression on kitty's face here! this is wonderful!
Sure the grammer needs work, but the artwork more than makes up for it!

Continuez-vous! C'est magnifique!
Now I see. A glitch in the time machine made this good guy turn into an enemy.
HOLY COW! What a panel!! This is...good grief! I am soooo jealous!
This is so cool!
Yay! finally more shoujo ai!
Very nice job with the backgrounds. Loved the chapter title illustration the best.