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You can call me Dana, or Rice; whichever suits you, I suppose.

Despite being a poor college student, I still find money to pour into my comic book obsession.

Um, someday I'd like to be a professional writer? There isn't much more too me XD. Actually, I love to talk, so feel free to PM me anytime :3
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November 5th, 2008
very cool, keep on drawing :]
I like the colors pallet you used, the purple is nifty :]

Happy Halloween!
October 30th, 2008
augh your art is so clean :] I'm excited to see what's next
ahaha that squirtle looks so silly.

I like how you draw vulpix, so cute :]
October 20th, 2008
takato wimps out alot, doesn't he? :]
College kinda ate us
So, the long and the short of lack of updates: College. Oh, and Bee is in marching band, and since it's football season...there really isn't any time to update.

BUT. November is nearing, and that's my birthday month, so watch out for a cool new layout and a update within the first week *gasp*

We think its amazing that even though its been over a month since our last update, you guys still check in on us, and that we still have 100 fans! Please stay with us! Fall quarter is always the busiest time of year for both of us <3

ALSO : Check out the spiffy new character and author pages, I worked hard on them :]
September 18th, 2008
augh those bunnies are just too cute <3~

keep up the good work ya? +fav
September 18th, 2008
Punch his liver? hehe, that's just cruel :]
augh I'm digging this comic so far! You're so good at the action sequences *jealous*

Oh, and that little frog dude is adorable :]
September 15th, 2008
Tern doesn't like the idea of Arista on his throne, hm? :3
August 30th, 2008
oh, so pretty, I love the shade of orange you used
eeek what a whore XD. Isn't she too old to be doing these things?

Anyways, very cute comic, I want moar.

Ah, question: Why does her name have two r's?
ack, he's picking his ear in the last panel lmao
August 29th, 2008
wait, I'm confused. So did like, everyone step into the portal or...?
oh, I love the grayish pink toning.

ahhh its so exciting...please continue <3
Lol what is that thing that's eating him?

btw, this comic is super cute :3
ack! His whole arm is missing! An a wing too *girlish gasp*

Neep, so exciting, please keep them coming :D
Hhaha, that's such a lame excuse bee <3

ANYWAY thanks for all the lovely comments. I can't express how much they mean except that they make my day brighter every time I look at 'em.

The guy waving the papers around is Frank. You'll meet him later :3

look! our creepy faceless water dispenser people are now facilicious :3

@smtofu: Heee, we love the colors too. Easier then toning XD
@whitechocolate: Angela is a spazz, by default :]
@coldturkey: ohmigosh, thanks :3
@missfetus: yush, that is also my favorite part
@chellemming: Ooh, I'm excited, keep those pages commin'
@Nny-chan: lol angela's love of the joker is far-reaching XD
@Greki: neep, it isn't over yet :D we've got alot more of this planned (and I mean alot: over 100 scripted pages x__x)
Oooh, I love how they transform
oh, the suspense! This arch is getting so good :3