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Known on many forums as Cyberranger. The one and only. Also by Genderoutlaw and Animegeek2007. I am best know on the Misfile Web Comic forum. And I try to help both Yoko and Chris with getting people into there comics and books. I got so popular I even have my own fan culb. Wow that still blows me away.:)
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Cool an update. Yaaaa!!! Glad to see more. I am glad there are many more who have found out how great Yoko's work is.

There were not many when I first started reading her books. Now there are so many more. I am glad to see she is getting the credit she as been due for so long. :P
It's not a big problem for me. I like dealing with such issues. Maybe they would happen less if we didn't try to hide them so much.
I would help move the body. :P

Seriously. My father did the same to my sister. He finally died a few years back and I was so very happy to have him out of our lives finally.
Yeah me a her seem to have that in common. saying the worst thing at the worst time. but she is not exactly at her best right now either.
Yeppers loves you to. Hard to believe we have came this far. Want more more more. :P
Interesting art work and characters. What little I seen I would like to see more.
I love the... This is Hell comment. Yeah I can't wait for the book of this to come out to go with my first book. I got all of Yoko's books and plan to buy any she puts out. :P
Yeah if people want it bad enough it they will get it anyways. It only makes it harder to get raises the cost and keep big crime in business.
Well less people would die on bad drugs if the made them legal and taxed them and made sure they were good like Alcohol and Cigarettes. They used to do that with all drugs. You could buy Pot over the counter and Crystal Meth. A lot less people died cause of getting bad stuff. Plus they have more room for murders and rapists in prison rather then letting then go cause the drug users and dealers take up all the space. The USA is so screwed up. We need to get our heads on straight. More people die cause they are afraid to get help. If they used the taxes to help those people get off them rather then put them in jail there would be a lot less people dieing on drugs. Other counties this as worked. It can work here to.
I watched a friend go thru that. He said it was the closest you can get to hell on earth. That is how it felt and form what I seen I believe him. Having someone there for you helps but not much.
Yes I am very happy. Lets just hope it works out for them. :P
She is right. They say the road to Hell was paved with the best of intentions. What way is a good question.
Cool more good stuff coming. Yaaa I need my fix. Sorry I am late but my Desktop PC as been braking down. Luckily I have my laptop as back up. :P
Little lower and to the right he be dead. I guess there is know pleasing anyone. :)
I love this one to. :P
Well I am happy she finally did but still disappointed she even let her try. Glad to finally see what happened.

and Yaaaa!!! I got first post for once. :)
Thanks it was just that to many things at once hit me. It's not hard to think the worse but yet no better. If your still planning on publishing these last two books I planned to buy them. :)

Is no problem on the wait. :P
You know bad things come in threes. First I learn this comic well end soon. Then my Mini Van ups and give up the ghost on me. whatz next I say.

Well she is cute and I like it. At least it was worth it to her.
I am glad she finally said I love you. Drugies don't change. But if they get off them they can get back to normal. Never fully.

Some times it's our big mistakes that build character. If you survive them learn and move on you never really lose. It's easy to be judgmental if you never been there yourself.
You should no me by now. I will love what ever you do. Sound interesting. Your Characters and stories are lovable and shocking. I hope you keep doing what you do best Yoko.

I will be sad to see S.C. end. Maude can't really help it. It's not really her but the drugs. I no very well how drugs take control of your life... can make you do things you never thought was possible.

Audrie is my hero. I wish there was more people like her. She was willing to sacrifice everything for Maude. :P