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Ha! he's got that look like: "Hey, I know you want this." yeah....thats just wrong.
yay missed update!!!
Since I forgot #4, i made one up. I really don't remember what happened last Wednesday but hell, i just remembered that i knew I didn't have a so called "life". I'm not doing anything over the summer thats social....god, my life sucks.
Kindda Late?
This was originally set to be put up on the 19th but I had some problems actually uploading the damn page.

My status really isn't that bad but I'll wait in a few weeks to see if I'm in a way better mood and if my body is acting the way it is supposed to act. Other than taking those really small pills (which I dropped one today and almost lost it) Its not that bad. =)
I totally forgot #4!!!
I was rushing through drawing and trying to get stuff done that I forgot about making #4, hopefully I'll have that up soon.

I really like how this came out. the art is crappy but its lookable. =D
Never Happened... This even scares me.
This is just something random. I don't like the way it came out but oh well, I was lazy. And I was using Paint Tool SAI so I had to handwrite the text and make my own bubbles. It was very irritating. =3
Assassin swim trunks?!
hmm, they look sexy, i want some too, so i can bask in its awesomeness =D
It's been rainin....
Yeah, almost the whole entire east coast is drenched in rain, it's supposed to be kindda sunny tomorrow, i doubt it. Anyways, i did this sloppy like but i don't care. I'll probably update again tomorrow. =D And yeah, that is my actual report card... awesome isn't it?
Today is my Last day of school!!
I'm so happy that school is ending for me today. Altough the rest of the students get out tomorrow, since I only have one exam, i get to leave school today and don't come back til August! Which means I'll try and update this comic every day or every other day this summer. But if i end up with a job (at the school or something like that) I might have to put it on halt or something. I'll update the comic about tomorrowish or Thursday... =D

omg what a jerk, and to think i was beginning to like david...that bastard D=
Damn you Krishnan!
I talked to kris about my comic debut for this summer and he was like "Ha you're gonna fuck this up...again!" so i had the intention to believe that he didn't believe in me. I'll show him!
and yes... the shirt he is wearing says "Suck My Rooster" lol (he made the shirt himself)

The game he is playing is "Sonic and the Black Knight" for Wii

The comics i mentioned are really good and i think you should check them out:

Pages of life: (updates daily between like 10am-6pm) you might need to double check on the site

Allan: (updates every day)
I'm really happy about how the cover came out. I almost forgot how i did the color halftones but when I find out how i did it I'll have a tutorial up for it cause its cool =D
the only thing i saw was stright boobies then everything went blank all of a sudden.... thats the power of the ALMIGHTY CLEAVAGE!!!
that last panel is epic... i can't stand those little assholes, i had one on my pillow and in my hair (and a lot of odd places)
aww the irony =D
yo...thats f'ed up...
Ann Dancing = Epic Fail
by the look on lucifers face in the 2nd panel, it looks like meg didn't do a good job (he just wanted action) =D
April 28th, 2009
well i guess thats it, i can't wait til the sequel.

The last sentence made sense but "never" is in the wrong place D= but never fear I understood

Oh noes, nots the heads!! O.O;
April 7th, 2009
who never knew dice could cause so much damage, lolz