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I'm 22 and have been drawing Manga/Anime for about 12 years, I also taught myself how to draw it but am still learning. I currently work as a freelance artist.

My on the side project is a story called 'An Arms Race', more details will follow.

I enjoy listening to music, roleplaying and playing video game consoles/MMORPGs when I'm not drawing.
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*facepalm* xD
Your roommate or whatever should've left it on the wall just before you walk into the kitchen, COS THEN YOU WOULD'VE AVOIDED GETTING HUUURT.
Aww C:
Its a pity it's over but good for you! Getting it published~

There's also a spelling mistake in the sentence before Thank you, you spelt buying without the u~ <3
This is the best webcomic I've ever read. 8D
Weirdly enough, I could actually imagine Clover clawing Logan's face to pieces because of him being too nosey. D:

Yalilmoodyemobitch <3